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Thursday, December 15

This Year's Failures Lead to Same old Resolutions

  1. Potty Training Kate - FAILED the EC training. I blame it on all the stresses over the summer.
  2. Losing 30 lbs - I'm a stress eater. I'm happy I haven't gotten fatter.
  3. Finding a new job - Hard to do while you're on mat-leave,... and then your job gets cut.
  4. Getting my passport - I'm lazy.
  5. Putting up the Christmas Tree - See last point.
  6. Putting up the Christmas Lights - I blame this on the man of the house.
  7. Not feeding Kate junk - Did I mention now that I'm back at work I'm REALLY lazy.
  8. Spending more time with friends - with what time? Any free time is sent catching up on sleep or feeling sorry for myself. Sorry neglecteds!
  9. Going to the gym more often - somehow became less often to now never.
  10. Making my mom and sister their own quilt. - Mom's is 50% done... sister's fabric has been selected, but that's it.

All this to say, I'm offline for the next couple of weeks. Bibmababy is closed wil 2012.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Chanukah, Hanukkah, whatever your spelling preference, or if you prefer to be non-denominational, Happy Holidays with a final Happy New Year!

Update: Attempting the Shirt Dress FAIL!

SO way back this summer, I was psyched about upcycling this lovely shirt I found at a consignment store on Bank Street into this super duper cute dress that I wanted to have done for Kate. I don't do this often.. but I'm about to admit failure.

After spending countless hours trying to perfect this thing,... cinching, seam ripping, restitching, adding a belt to the waist... I tried to pry it off the mannequin only to realize that I was bending the arms in awkward positions trying to take the darn thing off. I altered the thing so much, that I forgot about making it loose enough so that I could actually get it on and off my daughter. I've overworked it, and now it's a useless rag. Oh well... better luck next time!

Friday, December 2

Barnyard Bummz Fitted Diaper Review


The Pitch

Canadian Designed and Sewn by an Ottawa mom - The inner of Barnyard Bummz are available in both Organic cotton velour inner and Organic bamboo velour. They are available in a traditional front snapping version and side snapping and all have snap closures.

The Review - 4.5 out of 5

I met Lee when she decided to buy a few of my dribbler bibs through Bibmababy. She informed me that she was venturing into fitted diapers and I was never a big fan of fitted diapers (I was always a pocket girl by day and an AIO by night). She gave me a cute ooga diaper, and my first impression was that it was nice and soft,... (comparable to Kiwipies I had bought in the past). Put it on Kate, and went on my merry way. The REAL test was after I brought it home, prepped it, and then used it as an overnight diaper. This was the FIRST time my daughter had ever slept through the night! I thought it may be a fluke. I washed it again that day and tried it again. Success! Had I found a diaper that was finally absorbent enough to keep my little one asleep through the night?

I expressed my joy with Lee. I asked for a few more diapers in exchange for some design work (yes, I created her Barnyard Bummz logo) and started destashing my Goodmama's, some of my Dreameze (I kept the ones with the PUL) and my beloved Little Beetle (to many other mom's enjoyment). Then a few weeks ago, Lee opened Barnyard Bummz. I reviewed her new fitted NIGHT TIME diaper. *angel choir sings*

I was sent a Lady Bug themed diaper. The print is beyond adorable! I can't get myself to actually cover it up. My only issue with the esthetics is the logo placement which is centered in the front of the diaper. I'm so used to having them sit at the back of the diaper that it did confuse me. (Duh, which side is up?) Esthetics aside, I understand that if it had been tagged in the back, There's the issue of a snap in the way, and the possibility of sewing through the elastic waistband. So there's was actual thinking involved with placing the logo in the front.

I requested a side snapping version of her diaper (done at no extra charge). The diaper is an Organic Bamboo Velour fitted she calls the OBV Bummz. I cannot even describe how soft this diaper feels. It is made from your choice of cotton knit, and backed with a hidden layer of french terry. The inner lining is made from organic bamboo velour (OBV) or organic cotton velour (OCV) upon request. The snap-in soaker is made from five layers of french terry and topped with an ultrasoft Organic bamboo velour or organic cotton velour, depending on your diaper preference. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

I adore the side snapping feature. It turns this fitted into a great trim diaper and when I pair this it with a wool soaker (I love woolly bottoms!) it's bulletproof! Kate goes to bed at 8pm, and doesn't get up until 6am... and the outside of the fitted is usually still dry! Something I've never been able to achieve with my beloved Kiwipie or less favourited Goodmama. We changed those once in the middle of the night.

Bonus? This diaper came with an overnight snake soaker which is also made of OBV. I love this feature because I am capable of using it with my not so great fitteds, since I found the OBV Bummz on its own is enough for Kate.

Barnyard Bummz is working hard on perfecting their diaper. Lee is fantastic at tailoring her design to your needs (or preferences). She has a large stash of cute knits to pick from, so you can customize your diaper anyway you see fit! The diapers are available in 3 sizes: Small (newborn - 12lbs); Medium (10-22lbs) and Large (18-30lbs).

  • Absorbency - MOST absorbent I've tried thus far! hidden layer of bamboo french terry sewn into a cotton knit and Organic Bamboo Velour (or OCV) diaper
  • Leaks - none at all - even with a "blowout" (we've experienced the midnight poos for the last week)
  • Softness - after 8 washes, still soft
  • Snap in soaker - 5 layers of bamboo french terry, a layer of bamboo OBV or OCV
  • Bulk/Trimness - I own a OBV version which is trimmer than my Little Beetle and my old Goodmama and Guerilla Fluff.
  • Ease of Use - easy side snaps or front crossover snaps (after a month of play, I think I prefer the crossover design for nightime use.)
  • Drying time - because of all the layers, it takes a longer than expected to dry - at least a full day if hung.
  • Snap in soaker - would prefer if it wasn't a snap in - it's a personal preference.
  • Bulk/Trimness - My OCV version is not ideal for my daytime use. It's a bulletproof night diaper, (can't reiterate that enough) but I can't get my little one to wear it during the day under her skinny jeans... and Mom loves her skinny jeans. We all know that I'm a pocket by day, and a fitted by night.

I cannot emphasize how much I adore this diaper. I LOVE it so much that I'm actually replacing most of my nighttime fitteds with her version. (Update: My current stash now consists of 8!) It's comparable in price with most other WHAM diapers out there, but...

You can take advantage of the
Bibmababy 15% off discount!

Enter code: bibmababy15


NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review other than a free trial diaper. I have purchased all additional diapers post-review using the same discount code above.

Wednesday, November 23

LUXbutt Organic One-Size Diaper Review


The Pitch

100% Canadian designed one-size ORGANIC pocket cloth diapers that are LUXurious, stylish, affordable and best of all EASY TO USE.

LUXbutt one-size organic cloth diapers are an adjustable one-size fits most that will fit your baby from newborn to toddler (approx. 8-40lbs).

Made with LUXurious 100% certified organic cotton velour and waterproof PUL. LUXbutt diapers are super easy to use and oh so LUXurious on your baby’s butt!

Just stuff & snap and you’re good to go!

The Review - 4 out of 5

I was approached by LUXbutt’s co-owner Natasha in the early summer about possibly testing the new line of LUXbutt organic one size cloth diapers. Having dealt with her before for other baby friendly items (Kael & Kaed Handmade Trendy Baby Things), and loving the excellent customer service and quality of work, I decided to give this one a whirl.

I got my LUXbutt in the mail in October and was soooo excited with what I saw. A cross design of some of my favourite pocket diapers. The clean design of a FuzziBunz, with the trimness of a Charlie Banana. Bonus? It’s made from a super soft, 100% certified organic cotton velour inner layer, and a hemp and micro fleece combo insert!

First thing I noticed (aside from the softness) was the tag on the diaper. They took away the typical washing instructions and replaced it with a fun, friendly laundry reminder instead. This gave me an idea for diaper fortunes! (Patent Pending, haha). “You will find many rewards.”

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the introductory colours. I don’t understand why other companies shy away from black…. This is by far my favourite colour of diaper. It goes with EVERYTHING! Their first collection is named the “Chocolate” collection. These diapers come in White Chocolate (white), Milk Chocolate (brown), and Dark Chocolate (black). I’d like to see some plum, turquoise and ruby colours as their next collection.

I’m a big fan of the extra hip snaps. I am noticing them being more and more popular with diapers since this does help with the dreaded wing drop issue. The tabs are triangular much like the old style FuzziBunz. Personally, I prefer the square tabs of the Charlie Banana, but again, that’s just aesthetics and takes nothing away from the functionality.

The BEST part out of the design was the extra wide elastic in the back which is the first time I’ve seen it in any type of diaper. It helps to sit better on baby, and prevents blow outs. Dad admitted he loved the extra wide pocket for stuffing. There are very few diapers out there that need Mom’s smaller hands to correctly stuff the insert into the pocket.

Typically, I’m not a huge fan of diapers with elastic sizing, I hate them on the FuzziBunz, but really liked them on the Charlie Banana. It took a good 10 minutes to get the sizing just right, however, I’m happy they went the Charlie Banana route, and hid the button sizing inside the diaper rather than have the buttons right up against the skin like the FuzziBunz. The elastic is a little too long – I did mention this concern to LUXbutt, and they assured me that this was only an issue with a few tester diapers and was going to be addressed.

All diapers come with one (1) insert. The inserts are made of thirsty hemp organic cotton fleece & microfiber. It makes the diaper incredibly trim. I wish the insert was about an inch longer. That being said though, one of the very few diaper that withstood my heavy wetter’s overnight test. We usually change her diaper in the middle of the night, but she stayed dry until morning.

All is all, it's a great diaper at a reasonable price. Take advantage of their Black Friday Sale! SHOP NOW!

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I purchased the diaper at a discounted price.

Monday, October 3

Happy Birthday!

Ok, I'm a little late on this post, granted things have been crazy in my life. My baby girl turned 1 this past month - and I think I went overboard on the party planning. Thanks to Cakes by Lee (Facebook) and Gymboree Play and Music Ottawa (FACEBOOK) (WEB) - complete with Gymbo kisses!, my Dr. Seuss themed birthday was a success! Grandma was prepping the fun blue and black striped pasta salad and the Green Eggs and Ham platter while I finally finished her Dr. Seuss quilt on time (with 30 minutes to spare) for her big reveal. I'm so happy that she loves her blanket. We got her a matching Cat in the Hat stuffed doll from Eko Bear (FACEBOOK) (WEB).

This also meant that my Mat Leave has finally come to an end, and I've gone back to work - or more specifically, an empty office. To help spread the word that I'm looking for new opportunities and to share my industry knowledge, I decided to start teaching. With the slew of responsibilities I now hold, Bibmababy has unfortunately taken a back seat to my hectic life - as has this blog obviously... I'm going to attempt to update you on some of the going ons.

I have taken up writing for a northern Ontario parenting magazine called HomeGrown Parenting, In the North (FACEBOOK) (WEB). My role is mostly creating sewing tutorials. However, I have added a few of my personal ideas into the mix. Writing my first issue was a bit of a learning curve. I outlined how to create this lunch bag out of a light canvas and even though I claim it only takes an hour and a half to make... between taking pictures and writing as I was sewing with my laptop next to my sewing machine, it was probably more like 3 hours.

I've also written about a Toddler-sized version of a Halloween Trick or Treat Bag, and in November, you'll learn about a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

I'm always open to new sewing ideas, and I need to come up with something for the Winter Holidays. I'm like to stay away from the Christmas theme, however, I have a lot of cute fabric just screaming to make an appearance.

I've also tried desperately to finish the blouse dress from a few months back - I think I failed on that one. It was going soooo well, and then I think I chose a blouse that was just too complicated to work with. It looks great on the mannequin, but it just doesn't sit right on my baby girl. Back to the drawing board? Or maybe I should just call it quits on this one.

Saturday, September 3

Sitting on Kittens, or a puffy cloud

Hi you, been a while... let me start by saying, my life is crazy these days. 1 week left before I go back to work. I'm scared. I had my first experience on Thursday of leaving Kate for most of the day. I didn't think I'd be one of those moms,... but I was. I missed my kid terribly. Couldn't focus cause all I thought of was my daughter. I apologize to all the students in my class. I'm sorry you had to experience my lack of focus. I'm sure I looked like a bit of a dummy. Moving on!

Charlie Banana Feminine Pads - can't rate since I have nothing to compare them to...

I tested something this summer that I never thought I'd have the nerve to try... that's right got her own diaper! Ok, not exactly, however, I did try out the Charlie Banana (FACEBOOK) (WEB) Feminine pads the last few months. I purchased them online from Sweet Face (FACEBOOK) (WEB) in Timmins, Ontario.

Men, shut this window now - I promise you won't care to read this.

Best way to describe it? It's somehow like sitting on a kitten - without all that cat smothering thing going on... LOVE THEM. I was a skeptic, and yes, I thought it would be gross, but let's be honest... we have the period panties... they need to be cleaned too..... accidents happen. So now I just have more things to throw in the wash... and less in the trash. The bonus I saw was that I didn't have to hide the gross "rolls" into the trash. instead, I threw them into my diaper bin with the rest of the cloth in there... AMAZING!!!! also, I thought they'd shift around and I'd definitely gets leaks... oddly enough, NONE! Bonus? Good pee catcher when I started playing soccer shortly after having Kate.

Sidenote: NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT YOU'LL PEE YOURSELF WHEN YOU DECIDE TO GET BACK INTO SPORTS. WEAR PROTECTION GIRLS!!!! I peed myself twice going on a breakaway. Not fun when urine leaks into your knee socks and shoes.

I only bought the liners this time around, but I am planning on purchasing some regulars. (They also come in Super, which I imagine would be wonderful for the post-birth leakage.) I'm tempted to try different brands now. I really am partial to Charlie Bananas, they have become one of my favourite diapers for the little one. I am going to be looking into trying the Fuzzibunz versions as well - but not without stocking up on some more CBs first!

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 14

Updates on my Dr. Seuss Quilt

Dear Singer Sewing machine... please let me finish my quilt. I've been ever so nice to you, why do you insist on skipping stitches? I've had you repaired 3 times and you are a mere 5 years old! Are you a lemon disguised as the greatest quilting machine ever? I'm sad that we're not getting along. You've given me years of fun and relaxation. Please tell me what I need to do to make you happy again. I really don't want to have to replace you.

Your loving friend
I love my machine... and we've only recently been arguing.

Here's a few pics of the quilt so far! I finally finished stippling it last night. Now all I have to do is a mitered binding.

Pardon the bird... it's a good tutorial, but the bird needs to go!

I encountered a few issues - basically the tension on my machine kept going wonky, and I had to restart the stippling since it gave this effect on the back. It kind of looks like stray hairs? After looking into it, I found out that there's numerous reasons why this can happen.

This Janome forum helped me solve some of my issues and I managed to FINALLY finish my quilt... Hopefully I'll have it ready for Kate's upcoming birthday! I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for her first birthday, and since this will be a rare occasion where I get to choose what to do for her birthday, I was thinking on what else... but a Dr. Seuss themed birthday!!!

Can't believe it's almost been a year!

This year has gone by so fast - I'm now starting to feel nervous about "returning to work". If you haven't yet heard, I was one of the unfortunate souls who experience the wrath of our new government "job creation" initiative... aka let's cut the public sector. My return date is coming soon and without a job lined up yet - I fear I'm returning to a wasteland of my former life. Most of my old work friends will be gone. I won't have my amazing office, and I'll be on a serious job hunt contemplating about what is to become of me... Anyone looking for a Graphic Designer? I'm for hire!

I've had a great time this summer and it saddens me to walk back into a routine when everyday brought on a new adventure (that often came with a few credit card swipes); the Experimental Farm, The Children's Museum, The Science and Tech Museum, countless days at Gymboree, the local pools, the beaches, cosmic adventures, bike rides, farmer's markets, mommy playgroups, organized baby events (Bibmababy was involved!) and today we hit up the Navan fair. I still have a few things that I want to do before Kate starts daycare. I really want to hit up Calypso water park. I think we're going to have to go at it alone since most of our playgroup friends have already started daycare.

My focus on Bibmababy has lately gone stale... I'm trying my best to create new items, but a mental laziness got into the way. I'm over-tired and emotionally drained. As much as this year with Kate has been unforgettable - it's also been one of the most emotional in my life. I lost a dear friend, and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about him. I've lost people in my life before - but for some reason this one is really affecting me. His passing is surreal. I was looking forward to seeing him this summer and really regret bailing on him last winter. I also regret the last conversation I had with him the night before. I told him I was going to force feed him my placenta. He called me a granola because of my cloth diapering. You'd have to know us to realize that we just had that kind of friendship. We met back in grade 7 when he called me a cabbage patch, and I called him a ninja turtle. He was too cool to come to teen dances, but waited for us outside afterward skateboarding in the parking lot. Singing along to Spice Girls. He asked me to be his fake wife at our 10th grade parenting class where we had a fake wedding with a string ring he got from a bubble gum machine, built a fake house and adopted a fake African boy he wanted to name Skywalker Roy and had strong feelings about teaching that kid Buddhism. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted with our Asian daughter. I named her Penelope Rose Fortune Cookie. Again - you had to know our sense of humour. He drew my tattoo, left me sketch art for my locker, serenaded me with S-Club 7 and finally at the end of our high school journey, he was my first kiss (hard to get people to notice you when you're "one of the boys"). We double dated at prom(cue Fatboy Slim), I was fortunate enough to get a Shortsleeve as a date SCORE! (love ya Shawn) and he was the "background date" when I went to prom with Marc (Marc let me wear soccer shoes under my dress). Nothing came of it but probably one of the best friendships I had ever had. We kept in touch when I moved away, and our visits became less frequent when he moved away from our small town as well. Through the miracle of Facebook, we reconnected, and it led to our ritual Friday afternoon chats and razzing. He tried to convince me to move to Toronto to be closer to him and his friends (I was going through a pretty rough patch and considered selling my house and jumping ship). He told me he'd always be there for me. In a way I feel like he is. He left me with numerous memories (Blair Witch Hide and Go Seek, drunken bike rides at 3am, the guitar lessons). He introduced me to great people and he will always be a part of me. So dear diary... I'm coping - and learning to appreciate everyone I have in my life. You never know when someone you love and hold so dear to your heart leaves us. This post was meant to be a happy look at the past year, but I guess I had things that needed to be said - I know some of you reading this who do know me personally are probably having a hard time reading this. You know how great Yvan was and how much everyone is hurting. Miss you buddy.


This post made me cringe - I kinda sorta still (guilty!!!) use disposables when I know we're going to be out of the house for a long time and I know there's a poo coming...

Monday, July 18

I love Christmas in July!

The sale we have all been waiting for begins tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 14

Attempting the Shirt Dress

Awesome finds today at The Clothes Secret on Bank Street here in Ottawa. Paid $3.50 each and I'm thinking of turning these gems into one-of-a-kind summer dresses. I've been browsing and I found a few very cute patterns from some of my favorite sewing blogs. I think that I'm going to "wing it". Having a toddler sized mannequin really helps...
And I REALLY hope this last one is a joke. If I ever made this for my partner, he's probably move out.
Wish me luck! I'll post pictures of my progress!

Saturday, July 9

Proud Member of Etsy Kids!

Thanks everyone, we finally did it! Use coupon code "ETSYKID" to get 10% off your next purchase! Good until July 31, 2011.

Friday, July 8

Coping with Stress and Other Fun Things Mom Didn't Tell You...

It may seem like there's not much to do these days while coping with my stress - loss of a dear friend - who I'm still very much grieving, sudden job loss while on mat leave, baby related sleep deprivation. These days, I seem to be burning the candle at both ends. The only thing that keeps me going is Kate's humour. She smiles and and claps at anything that I say. Now that she uses the "word" mama, which becomes mamamamama when she's upset, it pulls me back to reality and realize that I still have a good grip on my life. I'm exploring options to my professional life. I can't see myself being a full-time stay at home mom right now... Kudos to any parent who can - but I miss the hustle and bustle of a hectic office life. (How weird am I? I hate my job some days, but miss it terribly on others - maybe it's the presence of real adult interaction with no mention of babies.)

Recently, I've tried to pull back on my home business projects and start doing things for my family. Mainly of course, the peanut. I've been working on a quilt for her for the last 2 weeks and I'm really proud of it's outcome. I've been trying to get more exercise, we bike on a daily basis, and run twice a week. Morale is still the same. I thought I was coping with all of life's events - but sleep walking has started, jumping out of bed at night, the occasional crying fit and more recently, the shooting pains in the head. All books and posts read read: "Keep life simple, you have a baby." Problem is, I don't know how. The kitchen's a mess, the laundry's piled up, the house needs a deep cleaning and my hair looks like a rat's nest. I'm unhappy with that part of my life, but not much can be done when we're keeping spending to a minimum (so a maid service is not even questionable) and I don't have much of a support system nearby - phone calls yes! Presence no.

"Take charge of your thoughts! Take charge of your emotions! Define your schedule!" blah blah blah... just Keep on Keeping on. Finding a balanced life and some sort of relaxation is really what I'm after these days. Don't get me wrong - I'm not in this alone, I have a very supportive partner and when he comes home from work, he takes over. I envy those who have mom nearby to whisk baby away for a day. To those I say "I hate you." Just kidding, but only a little.

So back to applying to a bunch of jobs where I'll receive the inevitable "I'm sorry, we have nothing to offer you at the moment since we are also under review" email. I have a few back-up plans - my own shop, my own art studio,... something will happen. I just can't afford to go crazy when this crazy bean is laughing at me.

Monday, June 20

NOISE ON TOYS REVIEW: Baby Alive 1st For Me - Luv’N Snuggle Doll

The Noise on Toys (FACEBOOK) (WEB)
'An independant consumer's guide to "bestest" kid tested toys'

Remember how I mentioned that I had found an amazing toy testers circle? (See here if you've already forgotten about that post...). I'm finally allowed to talk about it! I first heard about The Noise on Toys through Vicky from Ottawa Cloth Diapers. She suggested I try it out since she had such a positive experience testing toys for them. So here's the low-down on them... they offer a slew of feedback on some of today's most popular toys - feedback offered by volunteers (you could be one too!) who take their time to fill out on-line journals, that really are not at all time consuming, to keep featured companies informed on what works and what doesn't whether it's toy safety (which they DO take seriously), fun factor, price range, age appropriateness and more! I really enjoy the fact that after the testing period is over, toys are generously donated to local organizations.

Testing periods generally last about 3 months and can vary from babies to adults! You get to peruse through an extensive list of available toys arranged by age, and request the most appealing to you! I'm hoping to get my hands on some board games since between the bf and I... we're all little bit of game night fanatics. My first toy testing review was the Baby Alive 1st For Me Love 'n' Snuggle Doll by Hasbro.

Baby Alive 1st For Me: Love'n'Snuggle
by Hasbro
Retail: $11.99 CAD
Rating: 7.5 out of 10

I recently decided to jump into toy testing since my days of testing diapers is virtually come to an end (I found what works and thought why spend more money?) I decided to start off with the Baby Alive 1st For Me Collection, specifically the Luv'N Snuggle Doll by Hasbro (picture pulled from Hasbro). My testing period was about 3 months for this toy.


  • The doll is small and can easily be carried in a diaper bag when on the go. Perfect size for little hands!
  • The bright colors and fun and vibrant. It caught my baby's attention immediately.
  • The use of COMPLETELY recyclable packaging - even down to the paper twist ties! Thumbs up on that one!
  • My baby quickly took to the toy.
  • She was really interested in the ponytails, but lost interest once she found the tags.
  • Easy to clean, baby got applesauce all over doll, easy wipe clean design. Have not machine washed yet.
  • The puppet action is neat - it makes for great interaction with baby.

  • Only 1 of the 2 feet crinkles
  • Ponytails could be slightly bigger to make it easier to chew on.
  • Polyester fibres poked through the fabric within 10 mintues of play, need to keep a close eye on baby since she was chewing on fibres that came through the body of the doll.
  • Baby lost interest in the toy only several days after initial introduction. A few days after the initial introduction of the toy, she wouldn't pick the doll out by herself from the toy box. When the doll is given to her, she doesn't give it much attention and quickly moves on to something else.

Review - 2.5 out of 5 (that's cause my daughter didn't care much for it...)

This doll was an adorable addition to my daughter's already boyish toy box. Baby got really excited when we first introduced her to the toy. The initial play session was for a good 10 minutes with no interruptions. She carried the doll around and gave it kisses and hugs. Then again, we were off to a very uneventful family affair and this kept her mind busy. After having the doll for two months, my daughter completely lost interest in it. She will only play with it, if I take it out of the toy box and play with it first - and even then, it's momentarily. However, we have a walker/stroller that came with a similar doll and she does prefer the Baby Alive version.

Final opinion? I think it really depends on your child - mine seems to prefer bells and tambourines - basically any loud music. We have something that we call the "Kate Smash!" cause she loves to be as loud as she possibly can - this toy was not in her mind set, but would probably be an excellent toy for someone a little more "nurturing" than my little tom-boy. The price point is excellent - as about $12 Canadian... you couldn't get a cuter doll!

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. Toys are donated to shelters after the completion of this review.

Friday, June 3

You're 8. Why are you drinking an energy drink?

I saw something disturbing tonight. As I was waiting in the car with baby while dad ran in for some much needed Pepto, I saw 2 boys walk out of the store giddy like they had stolen a beer from Dad. Boy in blue pulled out a really big can of Rockstar Energy Drink. I was in a bit of a shock, I mean... I'll be honest. I've drank the stuff... when I was nodding off in the car driving for 8 hours! - I've never been able to get passed half of it because of the rapid heart beat I suffer from drinking that stuff. Shocker number 2? Boy in red proceeded to chug the drink - when boy in blue snatched it and drank the rest... in under a minute!!!! Can you say Jolt and CRASH!? Didn't realize heart palpitations were cool. I guess Tang is lame now. Oh well. See you in 5 years when the next best thing to you is a cigarette.

Thursday, May 19

Ottawa Mommy Club

Be sure to visit and support your local WHAMs! This Club was created in hopes for Moms in Ottawa to find new trends, product recalls and health issues, to read on family related topics, ask an expert a question and much more! Keep your eye out on upcoming activities OR you can even help out by submitting some of your own! Receive newsletters citing deals and contests and have chances to win great prizes! Best of all ... it's FREE to JOIN!

Wednesday, May 18

My Fave Diaper Covers

Okay, so my little one is over 8 months now - time sure flies! I've been using a lot of diapers that need covers for nighttime - My FuzziBunz and Charlie Bananas are cutting it for nighttime soaks. After flip-flopping from several companies, I think I may have found a winner for our needs.

What I've tried
Forward Thinking, Rumperooz, Bummis, Kushies, Gen-Y, Home-made wool covers and longies, and Woolly Bottoms covers.

What I'm thinking of trying
Since I ADORE my GroVia AIO and my Dream-eze for nighttime use, I'm thinking of using a GroVia Shell over my Kiwi-Pie, Little Beetle and Dream-Eze Organic (I got rid of my good-mama at the last diaper swap).

Before I make my final decision, any thoughts on the matter? It's time to trim my stash again, and I'd like to try all my options before I potentially get rid of a system that could have worked if I had coupled it right...

Tuesday, May 17

Rumparooz, how I adore you!!!

Pail Liner - 4 out of 5

I got me the GREATEST wetbag EVER!!!! (Okay, I think it's actually a pail liner.) It's HUGE!!! and I mean HUGE!!!!!! It's the size of a garbage bag, I swear, I could easily put a sleeping bag in it with a pillow and still have room to spare.

When I first opened it I thought, you have got to be kidding me, I can cut this up and make 2 maybe 3 bags out of this!? But I'm happy I didn't. I find the issue I have with most wetbags is the "just toss it in the wash" issue... the diapers never all fall out and you end up with a few that haven't been cleaned. I always took all my diapers out of my wetbag and flipped it inside out. When I got this gigantosaurus I decided to test it out. NO elastic on the mouth of the back means everything slid out easily!

I also noticed something that my other liners don't do... actually keep ALL moisture in. I noticed that if I put my bags down on the cement floor before throwing them in the wash, I'd get a moisture spot on the floor. Not with this puppy....

Only issue is that it's too big for my MotherEase Pail... it bunched and the lid doesn't snap down properly because of all the bulk. Can't have them all!

PS - the print is a huge bonus. I got the firetrucks print called "Ladder6".

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. I purchased this diaper bag at my own cost.

Wednesday, May 11

MYI Diaper Sprayer

I adore my diaper sprayer, and feel like it's my "one baby thing I couldn't live without". Why? I use it to wash my pocket dogs and clean the tub and shower.

They can get pricey so here's someone who was smart enough to make one for the fraction of the cost... you just need to do a little leg-work.

Wednesday, April 13

Help local moms fight cancer!

Spoiled Sugar
(WEB) (FACEBOOK) is hosting an auction in support of the Weekend to End cancer where all proceeds of the auction are going to this cause!

Bibmababy (WEB) (FACEBOOK)has donated a Swing Top and a Toddler Tie to the cause! You can find these items and many other great grabs at the auction HERE!

The Auction starts on April 15th 2010 at 9:15am.
There are definitely some items I will be bidding on. So happy to see so many locals businesses donating FANTASTIC items!!! Good luck and happy bidding!

More info on her blog:

Friday, April 8

New Review Coming Soon!

Sorry Blog, I've neglected you this month - being sick just easy peaches and sunshine. Between Norwalk Flu and 2, yes 2! colds... I'm barely surviving. I've been lagging in my sewing too. Just vegging mostly and trying to get through the day. Enough excuses, time to get to the nitty gritty.

I'll be posting toy reviews soon! Yay! I managed to get in on a review circle for toys, but unfortunately cannot discuss them until I've sent in my review... then I get to share the goods with you.

So! In the time being, I will finish my diaper essentials reviews. I'll be reviewing Rumperooz diaper pail (love!) and the rumperooz one-size cover (meh). Stay tuned for baby's nap time for this beauty to go up.

I've also been working on a website for Sweet Face's Online store. Yay Northern Ontario WHAMs! I'm pretty excited to be working on this. It's turning into a really fun project for me.

Isn't this the cutest have ever? Now back to my baby!

Thursday, March 10

Eat. Sleep. Poop. - Change Table Essentials

Do you have all your essentials in hand's reach for when life gives you all sorts of messes? Here are the things that I think you should have set-up in/or or near your station.

Diapers Whether it's prefolds, All-in-Ones, Pockets, Fitteds or whatever your diaper vice may be, you want to make sure to have plenty of diapers on hand. (I even keep 2-3 disposables within reach in case I run out of cloth.) Take them out of the package and prep them (see "Why Did I Decide to Use Cloth".) If you use liners, it may be wise to pre-line them or keep a roll near your diapers and place one in the diaper if you anticipate any bowel movements. Liners are biodegradable and make clean-up a breeze.

Wipes I keep a wipes warmer on the second shelf filled with cotton, fleece and bamboo wipes filled with warm water and a baby-safe essential oil blend. I also keep a box of pre-moistened wipes next to a box of tissues on the top shelf for the dry poops.

Diaper Pail or Diaper Bag I have a MotherEase Pail lined with a laundering bag. You don't need to get all fancy like I did, a simple laundering bag hanging off the door will suffice. Kate has very stinky pees so I like to keep her dirty diapers in a well ventilated area.

Diaper Rash Creams and Bottom Balms Keep rashes at bay by keeping the bum dry. One wet wipe and one dry wipe is key. Adding a very thing layer of balm is a good way to stay on top of redness.

Cradle cap cream, lotion, nose aspirators and nail clippers You probably examine you baby the most when you're at the changing station. Keep creams handy for that unexpected grooming.

Mom Essentials The change table isn't all about Baby... remember to add some hair elastics to keep your hair out of your face and lip balm to help soothe you - you're such a scatterbrain these days that you'll probably forget about your lips the minute you leave the baby room.

And of course,... A CHANGING PAD AND COVER!
A well-equipped changing station will make your life a lot easier!