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Friday, July 30

3rd win's a charm!

Ah facebook - how do I love thee... “Like” a company, win a random draw! I will be receiving these babies in a few weeks courtesy of !!! Not exact pattern as shown, but blue, green, pink and brown bubbles. :)

Wednesday, July 28

I’m not crazy... I’m nesting.

We have hit week 34 and I’m pooched. 

  • Sciatic nerve pain? Check.
  • Burning groin? Check.
  • Lower back pain? Check. 

  • Swollen feet? Check. Irritable? 

Ask Eli, he can confirm that one.

I met with our OB/GYN today. Everything looks, sounds and feels great. No general concerns. Basically, we’re on the home stretch now. Last week of work, and then I’m on vacation before my mat leave officially starts. No exciting news - no fun mail - no contest winnings (although I have entered a few, I’m just now following them as insanely as my last one which took over my life for nearly a month).

I think this describes my mental state these days... Enjoy!

Friday, July 23

Cheap! Cheap!

What’s the next best thing to winning? Getting a friend to send you a coupon code to receive a free product - where all you have to do is pay shipping.

Meet the Udder Cover. 

Available at 

Coupon code: choice2

It gives you a free nursing wrap. I treated myself to a gift set which includes nursing pads and a nursing bracelet... everything for under $15. Booyah!
Thanks Chantal!

Wednesday, July 21

I won again!

This was an easy one - but it goes to show you that my life now revolves around diapering my child for as cheap as I possibly can.
  1. Step 1 - add a comment to a blog
  2. Step 2 - Win via a randomizer.
  3. Step 3 - Get discontinued diaper via snail-mail. Only problem was that I didn’t get to pick the colour... so throw some more pink into my closet!

Sunday, July 18

I won!

After a month of harassing friends and finally, I finally won the 
3 Little Monkeys Photo Contest with a whopping 164 entries!

What did I win?
I thought it was $200 of cloth diapers and accessories - ended up being a VERY expensive bag, with an AppleCheeks diaper cover, insert, 4 bamboo wipes and a stroller clip.

My bag? A Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote - I can’t believe how expensive this bag is... basically, I’d never own one if I had to buy it for myself - even if it was on clearance. To put this into perspective... I could have bought 5 of them at Walmart for the same price. Tried to see if I could get money for it... ends up I’d be lucky to get $50. Therefore, I will follow the path of Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum and will wear this bag proudly. $5 says that I ruin it within the first month... Thanks to all who voted!

Wednesday, July 14

Ultrasound 3

I was fortunate to have a student technician who was willingly giving me a play-by-play of what he was looking for and what all the dark spots were. A second technician came in to double check his work and gave him a quick lesson in 3D Ultrasounds... I got to see the baby in 3D for free! :) - but lady couldn’t get a clear enough picture which warranted a print-out. Which is OK - I thought it was creepy.
Everything looks great, Kate weighs 4lbs 6oz - is a small and very hairy baby - She apparently is already sporting a full head of hair. Aside from being VERY camera shy (it took 45 minutes to get this shot) Everything is on track! 8 weeks to go!

Monday, July 12

New FuzziBunz Order!

Guess what came into the mail for me today... :) More diapers!!! I was only able to get my hands on the lavender and teal daisy diapers. I would have loved to get lime and red as well, but beggers can’t be choosers.

I also got my new Monkey Doodlez swim diapers in Giraffe. Yay!!! My kid’s going to be the cutest kid in the pool. Hands down.
What’s on the agenda this week? New ultrasound. Stay tuned for new pictures of Kate!