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Wednesday, June 16

Baby Room Update!

Thank you Microsoft! Since Eli is often getting freebies from Microsoft - we’ve finally scored a nice 4-drawer dresser for Kate.

Her room looks complete! Well, almost... seems like there still needs an area rug or something. Nonetheless, I’m very happy with how well it’s all coming together!

PS Tony is Back!

Tuesday, June 15

Is this legal?

I was so pleased with my last shipment of Monkey Doodlez diapers, that I decided to order a few more from their website. I perused through their Clearance section and selected cute diapers in red, blue and white polka dots, dusty rose, baby blue, and what I thought was a colour called “celery green”.

Unfortunately, my fingers worked faster than my brain and I checked off a box called “Kool Kat”. Apparently, “kool kat” is baby talk for leopard underwear. My first instinct was.. I NEED to return these. Who in their right minds would dress their newborn baby girl in a slightly offensive 70’s inspired print? Then I remembered who her parents were. I am keeping these for comedic purposes. Kate will wear leopard proudly! Here’s a peek at some of the diapers I’ve purchased in the last month or so...

Monday, June 14

Pippalily for Pam

What is the absolute best way to wake up in the morning???
Only to find out you’ve won a contest and are receiving a prize.

That’s right folks, I’ve won a Pippalily toy strap from 
Eco-Bébé Boutique - very exciting!

Friday, June 11


I was lucky enough to have great co-workers spoil me yesterday. I had a great time with friends and an even greater time doing laundry and ordering Eli around that night.

Thanks to so many people I came home with a carload of baby gear. Here’s a sneak peak of presents I’ve received. More pictures to come...

Sunday, June 6

Garage Sale Shmarage Sale

I set up my tables and started unpacking my boxes. They came as a crowd, and left within minutes... then is started to rain. I repacked everything, and had Mongolian with Roxanne instead. All in all - $75 for a few hours of “work” went into the baby’s piggy bank. I may try to set-up shop again in a few weeks when it’s sunny to see if I can get rid of the last few bits of decent items.

They’ll sit on Used Ottawa until then. My only complaint about the whole event? I put a $50 item down to $10, and it’s still in it’s original packaging - never been opened, and I get haggled to $4.00 - and then asked what it’s used for! Now I remember why I hate strangers...