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Thursday, May 19

Ottawa Mommy Club

Be sure to visit and support your local WHAMs! This Club was created in hopes for Moms in Ottawa to find new trends, product recalls and health issues, to read on family related topics, ask an expert a question and much more! Keep your eye out on upcoming activities OR you can even help out by submitting some of your own! Receive newsletters citing deals and contests and have chances to win great prizes! Best of all ... it's FREE to JOIN!

Wednesday, May 18

My Fave Diaper Covers

Okay, so my little one is over 8 months now - time sure flies! I've been using a lot of diapers that need covers for nighttime - My FuzziBunz and Charlie Bananas are cutting it for nighttime soaks. After flip-flopping from several companies, I think I may have found a winner for our needs.

What I've tried
Forward Thinking, Rumperooz, Bummis, Kushies, Gen-Y, Home-made wool covers and longies, and Woolly Bottoms covers.

What I'm thinking of trying
Since I ADORE my GroVia AIO and my Dream-eze for nighttime use, I'm thinking of using a GroVia Shell over my Kiwi-Pie, Little Beetle and Dream-Eze Organic (I got rid of my good-mama at the last diaper swap).

Before I make my final decision, any thoughts on the matter? It's time to trim my stash again, and I'd like to try all my options before I potentially get rid of a system that could have worked if I had coupled it right...

Tuesday, May 17

Rumparooz, how I adore you!!!

Pail Liner - 4 out of 5

I got me the GREATEST wetbag EVER!!!! (Okay, I think it's actually a pail liner.) It's HUGE!!! and I mean HUGE!!!!!! It's the size of a garbage bag, I swear, I could easily put a sleeping bag in it with a pillow and still have room to spare.

When I first opened it I thought, you have got to be kidding me, I can cut this up and make 2 maybe 3 bags out of this!? But I'm happy I didn't. I find the issue I have with most wetbags is the "just toss it in the wash" issue... the diapers never all fall out and you end up with a few that haven't been cleaned. I always took all my diapers out of my wetbag and flipped it inside out. When I got this gigantosaurus I decided to test it out. NO elastic on the mouth of the back means everything slid out easily!

I also noticed something that my other liners don't do... actually keep ALL moisture in. I noticed that if I put my bags down on the cement floor before throwing them in the wash, I'd get a moisture spot on the floor. Not with this puppy....

Only issue is that it's too big for my MotherEase Pail... it bunched and the lid doesn't snap down properly because of all the bulk. Can't have them all!

PS - the print is a huge bonus. I got the firetrucks print called "Ladder6".

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. I purchased this diaper bag at my own cost.

Wednesday, May 11

MYI Diaper Sprayer

I adore my diaper sprayer, and feel like it's my "one baby thing I couldn't live without". Why? I use it to wash my pocket dogs and clean the tub and shower.

They can get pricey so here's someone who was smart enough to make one for the fraction of the cost... you just need to do a little leg-work.