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Monday, October 3

Happy Birthday!

Ok, I'm a little late on this post, granted things have been crazy in my life. My baby girl turned 1 this past month - and I think I went overboard on the party planning. Thanks to Cakes by Lee (Facebook) and Gymboree Play and Music Ottawa (FACEBOOK) (WEB) - complete with Gymbo kisses!, my Dr. Seuss themed birthday was a success! Grandma was prepping the fun blue and black striped pasta salad and the Green Eggs and Ham platter while I finally finished her Dr. Seuss quilt on time (with 30 minutes to spare) for her big reveal. I'm so happy that she loves her blanket. We got her a matching Cat in the Hat stuffed doll from Eko Bear (FACEBOOK) (WEB).

This also meant that my Mat Leave has finally come to an end, and I've gone back to work - or more specifically, an empty office. To help spread the word that I'm looking for new opportunities and to share my industry knowledge, I decided to start teaching. With the slew of responsibilities I now hold, Bibmababy has unfortunately taken a back seat to my hectic life - as has this blog obviously... I'm going to attempt to update you on some of the going ons.

I have taken up writing for a northern Ontario parenting magazine called HomeGrown Parenting, In the North (FACEBOOK) (WEB). My role is mostly creating sewing tutorials. However, I have added a few of my personal ideas into the mix. Writing my first issue was a bit of a learning curve. I outlined how to create this lunch bag out of a light canvas and even though I claim it only takes an hour and a half to make... between taking pictures and writing as I was sewing with my laptop next to my sewing machine, it was probably more like 3 hours.

I've also written about a Toddler-sized version of a Halloween Trick or Treat Bag, and in November, you'll learn about a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

I'm always open to new sewing ideas, and I need to come up with something for the Winter Holidays. I'm like to stay away from the Christmas theme, however, I have a lot of cute fabric just screaming to make an appearance.

I've also tried desperately to finish the blouse dress from a few months back - I think I failed on that one. It was going soooo well, and then I think I chose a blouse that was just too complicated to work with. It looks great on the mannequin, but it just doesn't sit right on my baby girl. Back to the drawing board? Or maybe I should just call it quits on this one.