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Wednesday, September 29

Heavy Knitters

I know I've been MIA - but I have an excuse. Taking care of a baby is HARD!!! My mom and my sister were up to help last week, and knit me a few presents. My aunt sent me an beautiful dress, which Kate is slowly growing into. My mom made MANY MANY MANY hats - the bear one being my favorite... and my sister made her cute thumbless mittens. Click on picture for larger view.

So what did I make? Nothing. Because like I've stated before, I have no skills when it comes to knitting or crochet. But I make a mean Caesar!!

Any wins lately? Yes, I won a Little Beetle Diaper from Better for Babies Inc.. Reviews to come!

I know I've been lacking in the contest referrals department, but I've been out of the loop for the past few weeks. Once I get myself into a stable routine with Kate, I'll be back here spreading the news. :)

Wednesday, September 22

Sleep? Where are you?

I've been blessed with a happy, not so fussy baby. That being said - I'm still exhausted. Sleep when she sleeps? When do I get to catch up on laundry, and bottles and dishes and bills and ME TIME? Oh yea, me time doesn't exist anymore.. unless you have someone supportive enough who let me leave and have my hair done and do a bit of retail therapy by myself! :) I came home rather quickly though because something happened that I thought I was way too selfish for. I missed Kate. Never thought I'd end up being "one of those" but I am. Every kid I saw reminded me of her - and is it just me or is everyone and they mother pregnant??? I caught myself rubbing my gut wishing I was pregnant still. I'm told that hormones are taking over and I had to give my head a shake and remind myself that I haven't slept in almost 3 months.

I'm getting ready tonight for the Outgrow Outplay sale where I will be volunteering a few hours of my time because I'm greedy and I want to earn a higher consignment percentage. Never mind those precious extra hours I could potentially be washing SOMETHING... I want my extra 10% on sales!

Anyone interested in dropping by...

MEGA Kids Sale in Nepean.
Saturday, September 25 · 8:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Ben Franklin Superdome in Nepean
191 Knoxdale Road

Thursday, September 16

Kate's First Photo Shoot

My little Kate turned 1 week on Wednesday. First milestone = First photo shoot.
She is sporting a cute ruffle diaper cover courtesy of Forward Thinking. All props were brought in from home. I did the frugal thing and went to the Great Canadian Superstore to have my pictures taken at a very inexpensive price - but their prop selection was horrendous. I'm happy I thought ahead and brought a laundry bag full of outfits, cute diapers, necklaces, hats and blankets to play with.

There is a second set of prints that won't be ready for pick-up until next week... stay tuned!

Monday, September 13

Rachelle Anne Miller Big Facebook Fan Giveaway!

I can't stop gushing about about this woman's work... please have a look at her portfolio. She's amazing!!!

In celebration of her recent news (baby on the way!) and to thank all the wonderful people who have joined her Facebook Fan Page, Rachelle Anne Miller is going to host her biggest giveaway to date! She will be giving away 3 art prints from her Etsy store to one lucky Facebook fan! The art prints are of the winner’s choosing :)

The draw will be done once her Facebook Fan page reaches 1000 members, so the more people you tell about it, the sooner the giveaway will be announced!

Good luck!!

Win a Paul Frank Diaper Set designed by Forward Thinking!

Chicago Mom Cheryl is giving away a set of her very cute cloth diapers, leg warmers, t-shirt, bib and wipes! She sells through Facebook under 4ward Thinking or through Sew Crafty Baby.
Simply "like" her page and at 2500 "likes" - Forward Thinking will GIVE AWAY a Full Paul Frank Set. If she makes her mark by Forward Thinking's 1yr Anniversary (Sept. 15th) she will also give away a second set to another lucky winner!

Sunday, September 12

Baby Boom Show

I attended the Baby Boom Show in Ottawa today. I must admit, I usually dread the flocking seagulls of Advertisers in these type of venues... "Sign up and you can win!" usually translates to "Let me doop you into thinking you have the slightest chance, and actually get a hold of your personal info so I can hound you for the next few months and possibly share your info with others". I denied myself the urge to enter every contest that came into sight. Pat myself on the back for that one. However, I did catch a lot of great deals, and met a lot of nice vendors. (Props to The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe for recognizing me - you made me feel like a star, lol.) I highly recommend attending this event. Free admission was a bonus, and I like that they stuck to their guns and kept everything baby related (with the exception of Herbal Magic, but I'll forgive you since you gave me a free box protein bars and great post-pregnancy info). I was happy to see some sellers actually holding sales and promotions! I took advantage of that and I am really grateful that it made my trek across the city worth it. Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, Ottawa Cloth Diapers, and Sweet Peach were booths not to be missed!

Saturday, September 11

Welcome Home Kate!

Weight: 7lbs, 13 oz
Height: 19.6 inches
Born: September 8, 2010
Time: 12:38am

How was my labour?
First contraction was at 10:46 pm. She was born shy of 2 hours later.

Tuesday, September 7

Dear Kate, your time is up... Guess you didn't get the memo!

My due date has come and gone... here I sit. No contractions, just a really really tired shell of a person with feet that are 2 sizes larger than normal.

My mom came up over the weekend to cheer my up and cheer me on. Long walks in the malls brought on some contractions, but they peaked at 20 minutes apart for about 3 hours... and then stopped. Guess someone's just not ready to come out and play yet!

We bought her Halloween suit. Kate is going to be a butterfly. :) I realized that it's very difficult to find a newborn costume that's weather friendly. Old Navy had 1, yes 1 costume left. I figured I should probably jump on it. Otherwise, my backup idea of her being a spider would probably be covered by her fall one-piece.

I also got my hands on an adorable dress. One that I've been trying to mimic, but was too much of a penny pincher to purchase on my own. I fell in love with this one, and couldn't resist. This pretty piece is made by a woman who sells under the company name Funky Laundry. She can also be found on Facebook. There are several of her products that I am dying to get my hands on. I must pace myself. :)

My mom (mostly mom) also got a leg up on new hats! As I've mentioned, I can't knit a square to save my life, I knit "non-squares". A friend of mine bought a pattern for me to try from Inner Hooker (clever name). Also on Facebook.

I will update this post with my mom's 1 hour creation - the Newsboy Brim Beanie - once my battery charges on the camera. I'm so happy with it! :D

Thursday, September 2

Blabla Giveaway!

Enter HERE to win your own Blabla doll!

Ergo, Baby!

I've been waiting over 2 months to find it at an affordable price.. I caught someone last night mentioning the Ergo carrier was going on Baby Steals this morning and it only took me 3 hours of clicking refresh over and over again to ensure I got one... for more than half the price!!!

It even comes with a fanny pack. That makes me dead sexy.

Wednesday, September 1

Burping pads are complete!

My burping pad project is finished. I've upcycled old used prefolds, receiving blankets and bought some ribbon at Michael's to make wicked burping pads with a LOT of absorbency.

They're super cute!

I also made some out of just receiving blankets and left over material from bibs I've made in the past. These have pockets and can hide face wipes. :) They're slightly longer and wider than the ones you would typically buy in stores.

My next project is finishing up my bibs! I have about 20 to sew necks to. I can't seem to find the motivation to do it though... grrr. In this heat,... baby can eat naked.