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Wednesday, September 22

Sleep? Where are you?

I've been blessed with a happy, not so fussy baby. That being said - I'm still exhausted. Sleep when she sleeps? When do I get to catch up on laundry, and bottles and dishes and bills and ME TIME? Oh yea, me time doesn't exist anymore.. unless you have someone supportive enough who let me leave and have my hair done and do a bit of retail therapy by myself! :) I came home rather quickly though because something happened that I thought I was way too selfish for. I missed Kate. Never thought I'd end up being "one of those" but I am. Every kid I saw reminded me of her - and is it just me or is everyone and they mother pregnant??? I caught myself rubbing my gut wishing I was pregnant still. I'm told that hormones are taking over and I had to give my head a shake and remind myself that I haven't slept in almost 3 months.

I'm getting ready tonight for the Outgrow Outplay sale where I will be volunteering a few hours of my time because I'm greedy and I want to earn a higher consignment percentage. Never mind those precious extra hours I could potentially be washing SOMETHING... I want my extra 10% on sales!

Anyone interested in dropping by...

MEGA Kids Sale in Nepean.
Saturday, September 25 · 8:00am - 3:00pm

Location: Ben Franklin Superdome in Nepean
191 Knoxdale Road

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