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Sunday, September 12

Baby Boom Show

I attended the Baby Boom Show in Ottawa today. I must admit, I usually dread the flocking seagulls of Advertisers in these type of venues... "Sign up and you can win!" usually translates to "Let me doop you into thinking you have the slightest chance, and actually get a hold of your personal info so I can hound you for the next few months and possibly share your info with others". I denied myself the urge to enter every contest that came into sight. Pat myself on the back for that one. However, I did catch a lot of great deals, and met a lot of nice vendors. (Props to The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe for recognizing me - you made me feel like a star, lol.) I highly recommend attending this event. Free admission was a bonus, and I like that they stuck to their guns and kept everything baby related (with the exception of Herbal Magic, but I'll forgive you since you gave me a free box protein bars and great post-pregnancy info). I was happy to see some sellers actually holding sales and promotions! I took advantage of that and I am really grateful that it made my trek across the city worth it. Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, Ottawa Cloth Diapers, and Sweet Peach were booths not to be missed!

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