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Tuesday, September 7

Dear Kate, your time is up... Guess you didn't get the memo!

My due date has come and gone... here I sit. No contractions, just a really really tired shell of a person with feet that are 2 sizes larger than normal.

My mom came up over the weekend to cheer my up and cheer me on. Long walks in the malls brought on some contractions, but they peaked at 20 minutes apart for about 3 hours... and then stopped. Guess someone's just not ready to come out and play yet!

We bought her Halloween suit. Kate is going to be a butterfly. :) I realized that it's very difficult to find a newborn costume that's weather friendly. Old Navy had 1, yes 1 costume left. I figured I should probably jump on it. Otherwise, my backup idea of her being a spider would probably be covered by her fall one-piece.

I also got my hands on an adorable dress. One that I've been trying to mimic, but was too much of a penny pincher to purchase on my own. I fell in love with this one, and couldn't resist. This pretty piece is made by a woman who sells under the company name Funky Laundry. She can also be found on Facebook. There are several of her products that I am dying to get my hands on. I must pace myself. :)

My mom (mostly mom) also got a leg up on new hats! As I've mentioned, I can't knit a square to save my life, I knit "non-squares". A friend of mine bought a pattern for me to try from Inner Hooker (clever name). Also on Facebook.

I will update this post with my mom's 1 hour creation - the Newsboy Brim Beanie - once my battery charges on the camera. I'm so happy with it! :D

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