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Saturday, September 3

Sitting on Kittens, or a puffy cloud

Hi you, been a while... let me start by saying, my life is crazy these days. 1 week left before I go back to work. I'm scared. I had my first experience on Thursday of leaving Kate for most of the day. I didn't think I'd be one of those moms,... but I was. I missed my kid terribly. Couldn't focus cause all I thought of was my daughter. I apologize to all the students in my class. I'm sorry you had to experience my lack of focus. I'm sure I looked like a bit of a dummy. Moving on!

Charlie Banana Feminine Pads - can't rate since I have nothing to compare them to...

I tested something this summer that I never thought I'd have the nerve to try... that's right got her own diaper! Ok, not exactly, however, I did try out the Charlie Banana (FACEBOOK) (WEB) Feminine pads the last few months. I purchased them online from Sweet Face (FACEBOOK) (WEB) in Timmins, Ontario.

Men, shut this window now - I promise you won't care to read this.

Best way to describe it? It's somehow like sitting on a kitten - without all that cat smothering thing going on... LOVE THEM. I was a skeptic, and yes, I thought it would be gross, but let's be honest... we have the period panties... they need to be cleaned too..... accidents happen. So now I just have more things to throw in the wash... and less in the trash. The bonus I saw was that I didn't have to hide the gross "rolls" into the trash. instead, I threw them into my diaper bin with the rest of the cloth in there... AMAZING!!!! also, I thought they'd shift around and I'd definitely gets leaks... oddly enough, NONE! Bonus? Good pee catcher when I started playing soccer shortly after having Kate.

Sidenote: NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT YOU'LL PEE YOURSELF WHEN YOU DECIDE TO GET BACK INTO SPORTS. WEAR PROTECTION GIRLS!!!! I peed myself twice going on a breakaway. Not fun when urine leaks into your knee socks and shoes.

I only bought the liners this time around, but I am planning on purchasing some regulars. (They also come in Super, which I imagine would be wonderful for the post-birth leakage.) I'm tempted to try different brands now. I really am partial to Charlie Bananas, they have become one of my favourite diapers for the little one. I am going to be looking into trying the Fuzzibunz versions as well - but not without stocking up on some more CBs first!

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own.