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Monday, May 31

Weekend Finds

Aside from my amazing purchases from, note the cow hide diaper, my pink polka-dot diaper (sorry, no image), and bundle of bamboo prefolds, I took the time to run over to the Outgrow Outplay sale at the Louise-Riel Dome in Orleans. Although I found the event to be rather small... I did enjoy my awesome finds! Brand-new oversized and extra-tall baby gate $30. I also found some pretty cute mexx outfits that matched outfits given to me by my cousin. Basically, $40 got me a TON of stuff, and I plan on participating at their next event, and see how my bibs do there. : )

Speaking of bibs, I’m hard at work making my own for once. I’ve put Bibmababy on hold, just to catch up on my own projects. I’m currently refinishing a rocking chair that was shared with my sister and I as kids. It’s unstable and full of paint splotches. I’m hoping to make it look as good as new. Step 1, sanding... Step 2,... “Eli, come and stain this...” Step 3, Take credit for it.

Thursday, May 27

College Fund Already?

We are participating in the Cardinal Creek Community YardSale aka Fundraiser for “Kate” on June 5th, 2010! Time to start collecting coins and throw them in the “In case of emergency” piggy bank. If anyone wants to rid themselves of clutter, make some change and sit on the lawn with Roxane and I are more than welcome to! However, I cannot promise that I will not turn into this woman ;) enjoy!

Sunday, May 23

Oh Oh, I'm getting maternal...

I met with a nice lady by the name of Vicky today at Ottawa Cloth Diapers for a lot of questions that I wasn’t bright enough to answer myself. I did however realize that I DO have a diaper phobia... I refuse to use “pre-folds” because 1. I’m just not that committed and 2. I think it looks trashy. She introduced me to a fun product... Diaper detergent! Website is really cute...

I picked up another FuzziBunz super cute diaper and couldn’t stop rubbing my face in them. (They’re new - not used.) I honestly wish they made these in adult size. I think I’d sleep better. They’re that soft.

I also discovered Monkey Doodlez. Love them. They look like fun disposables, and are easy to use: velcro on, velcro off and throw in the wash. Downside apparently, they take forever to dry but are preferred by sitters and anyone else not willing to take the time to take diapers apart and use snaps - a no-no for wiggly babies. So for all of you out there whom I will be pawning off baby... I did this for you. The patterns are for me. :)

Thursday, May 20

We're cheap... we use cotton.

Some of you may be aware that Eli and I have decided to take the “environmentally friendly” route. In all honesty, this has nothing to do with how we feel about our children’s future and has everything to do with how poor we are about to be. We’ve decided to use Fuzzi Bunz diapering system . I’m meeting with a lady from Ottawa Cloth Diapers this weekend to see other options available. Who will be cleaning these poopy diapers you ask??? All questions can be directed to Eli.
Allison prompted me to do a search for anything relating to cotton diapers in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Here is my list.
  • Chick Pea Boutique - 
Location: 1395 Wellington Street West, Ottawa
Phone: 613.761.7600
  • Extraordinary Baby Shoppe - 
Location: 1131 Wellington Street West, Ottawa
Phone: 613.321.7249
  • Fab Baby Gear - 
Wellington Location: 1308 Wellington Street West, Ottawa
Phone: 613.729.8838
Bank Street Location: 755 Bank Street, Ottawa
Phone: 613.238.8838
  • 3 Little Monkeys - 
Location: 1150 Bank Street, Ottawa
Phone: 613.733.3993
  • Belly Laughs - Location: Kanata Centrum Plaza, 300 Early Grey Drive, Kanata
Phone: 613.963.0711
  • Eco-Bébé Boutique - 
Order Online, gets shipped to you for free from Kanata.
  • A Mother’s Touch - 
Online purchase, showroom and local pick-up in Barrhaven by appointment only.
  • Ottawa Cloth Diapers - 
Online purchase, local delivery or showroom pick-up in Rockland, by appointment only. 
(Now available at Posh Kids in Orleans.)

Wednesday, May 5

Baby Log

I’m trying to make everyone’s lives easier by keeping a log of items received/purchased versus what I’d still like to have. Obviously these do not HAVE to be the specific items on site, it just gives you an idea of what’s left on my “To-Do” list.

Other than cotton diapers, ( what we REALLY need are everyday essentials. Mainly bathtime stuff, spoons, plates, cups and oddly enough pyjamas! I would also NEVER TURN AWAY pre-cooked frozen meals (hint hint mom). Thanks to my cousins, I’m set with clothes for the first 9 months. Seriously... check out my pics Melissa and Chris were a HUGE help - Melissa dressed the baby for the first year where Chris lent us her crib and change table.

I also have to thank our friends Colin, Daniella and Mister Kade for lending us their bouncer, jumperoo, swing, exersaucer and play gym!

I have one more project to finish - refinishing our family shared rocking chair. It needs a little TLC and that’s what I plan on doing for the next little while.

Here's a preview of the room.

Saturday, May 1

Got my bedding!

Finally picked out our bedding, and got it today. We’re painting the walls pear yellow and trying to shy away from using too much pink. As much as I loved the ladybugs theme, I couldn’t justify the cost over this cheapy alternative.
I highly recommend this site... It took 3 days for me to get my set AND I got a 10 piece set for $198 (taxes, delivery and customs included) delivered to my door. The quality isn’t superior but it’s on par with what you get at Sears or Babies R Us.