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Monday, May 31

Weekend Finds

Aside from my amazing purchases from, note the cow hide diaper, my pink polka-dot diaper (sorry, no image), and bundle of bamboo prefolds, I took the time to run over to the Outgrow Outplay sale at the Louise-Riel Dome in Orleans. Although I found the event to be rather small... I did enjoy my awesome finds! Brand-new oversized and extra-tall baby gate $30. I also found some pretty cute mexx outfits that matched outfits given to me by my cousin. Basically, $40 got me a TON of stuff, and I plan on participating at their next event, and see how my bibs do there. : )

Speaking of bibs, I’m hard at work making my own for once. I’ve put Bibmababy on hold, just to catch up on my own projects. I’m currently refinishing a rocking chair that was shared with my sister and I as kids. It’s unstable and full of paint splotches. I’m hoping to make it look as good as new. Step 1, sanding... Step 2,... “Eli, come and stain this...” Step 3, Take credit for it.

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