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Wednesday, May 5

Baby Log

I’m trying to make everyone’s lives easier by keeping a log of items received/purchased versus what I’d still like to have. Obviously these do not HAVE to be the specific items on site, it just gives you an idea of what’s left on my “To-Do” list.

Other than cotton diapers, ( what we REALLY need are everyday essentials. Mainly bathtime stuff, spoons, plates, cups and oddly enough pyjamas! I would also NEVER TURN AWAY pre-cooked frozen meals (hint hint mom). Thanks to my cousins, I’m set with clothes for the first 9 months. Seriously... check out my pics Melissa and Chris were a HUGE help - Melissa dressed the baby for the first year where Chris lent us her crib and change table.

I also have to thank our friends Colin, Daniella and Mister Kade for lending us their bouncer, jumperoo, swing, exersaucer and play gym!

I have one more project to finish - refinishing our family shared rocking chair. It needs a little TLC and that’s what I plan on doing for the next little while.

Here's a preview of the room.

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