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Sunday, September 2

Ottawa Tourism for Kids

I've lived in Ottawa for almost 10 years now. Never in my entire time in Ottawa have I truly experienced the Ottawa zest as a tourist. I did drag my parents along the Rideau canal, showed them the parliament - I used to literally have a view of the Parliament from my cubicle at work, so I guess it lost it's charm rather quickly. I viewed most of Ottawa for what is was at the time of my life - early twenties and ready to party. I've been on the booze cruise, I've done the camping with friends and white water rafting, the trips to all the local ski-hills for zip-lining. Now that I have a kid, we are limited as to what we can do to keep our little one busy during the summer months. I have come across a few interesting things to keep her interested. I doubt we'll be able to do all these by the time the summer ends, but I wanted to keep a list of what I've found so that one day, I can say that I've had the luck of doing all of these with K.
There's obviously all of our local playgrounds, splash pads, beaches, the Gatineau park, Mer Bleu marshes, taking a ride on any of our ferries, the local farmer's market and craft fairs scattered throughout the city, the bike paths or simply walking through the market which will drum up  a lot of questions from K... lucky for us, these are part of our daily adventures.

Have I missed anything that you feel should be part of my must-do's?  Comment below!