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Monday, January 31

Snacktime! Barenaked Ladies Review

Snacktime! is a fantastic children's album performed by Canadian band Barenaked Ladies. I ADORE this CD. It had me giggling, and singing along. I highly recommend it to anyone with littles. My favourite song is Pollywog in a Bog (see video). Eraser makes me sing out loud. Take some time and watch a few of their videos. You'll see what I mean about singing along... it's pretty catchy.

This CD sells between $13-$16 dollars. Some version even come with an illustrated book but I wasn't able to find one - and from what I've read online, it seems they are pretty hard to come by.

When I was looking into getting a video for this post, I stumbled upon a Ziggy Marley CD for kids. I'm running out to buy it today. I'll give you my thoughts once I've listened to it a few times. My mother in law says Raffi is still her favourite... I haven't had a listen yet - nor had I ever heard of Raffi before. Guess that's what you get for growing up to Marie Soleil! :)

Friday, January 28

Bibmababy Hit 100 FANS!!!

Which means another item added to the giveaway! Made by my very own hooker, Grandma Bibmababy herself. Don't forget to enter to win all the exciting prizes on the left by visiting Bibmababy on Facebook!

Thursday, January 27

Thank you Totally Temberton!

As posted previously a few bloggers are trying to raise funds for Coupon Mommy of 3's daughter Emily. Read post here. Thank you Totally Temberton for renting a little piece of our blog to help a brave little girl!
Go read her blog! She has great giveaways!


Remember to chip in for Emily. :)

My Warming Heart

Thank you to everyone who donated to my hamper this month. I got such an amazing response and I am so happy that there are still genuinely great people out there. I thought I would share a picture of everything that is going to the new mama in 2 weeks. Playpens, mobiles, a humidifier, a crib set, diapers, bottles, bibs, blankets, toys, books, a diaper bag and lots of clothes!!!

Wednesday, January 26

I found a potty!

Thanks Extraordinary Baby Shoppe - you suggested the right amount of little when it comes to the BecoPotty by BecoThings. It's neat since it's biodegradable! It starts off as bamboo and rice husks leftovers from farming, squished and ground into a powder, add some biodegradable resin, pressing into a hot mould and voilà! A Becopotty!
Add ImageIt's a teeny tiny toilet designed for newborns and EC training. (See past post "So You Think You Can Pee" for explanation). Now to muster up the courage to get Kate to use it... I think I can I think I can...

Next up is finding this book as a helpful tool. Ah man, you mean I have to read too? Thanks LC for the suggestion.

Monday, January 24

Kael & Kaed Wetbag

Kael & Kaed (FACEBOOK) (ETSY)
DoubleK Boutique (FACEBOOK) (HYENA CART)

I recently posted a wetbag review (read here) without even thinking that I'd be getting anything better than my Jamtots liner. After dealing with Kael & Kaed - for other fun Canadian-made baby items, I decided to purchase a little something for myself when a jumbo wetbag she had on her etsy site caught my eye. This BEAUTIFUL designer fabric coupled with a great choice in contrasting zipper and snap colours made me cave. Out came the credit card.

I got my bag 1 week later through snail-mail and I was astounded by the excellent craftsmanship! I usually expect a WAHM to have WAHM type work. I support the moms but do expect slight flaws. After all, it's hand-made and we can't always expect perfection! I couldn't believe it. I started showing everyone... It's STRAIGHT!! NO LOOSE THREADS!! I CAN'T FIND THE SEAM???? Excellent craftsmanship - better than other Brand Names out there. I am definitely going to need to put in a custom order for a diaper pail liner. My only issue with this bag is the slight wicking problem with a diaper that's been soaked and left in the bag for too long. (days not hours). I found it useful at a swim bag for our web swimsuits after the pool, but you need to take your clothes out of the bags as soon as you get home... moisture can seep through the bag if it is left in there too long.

Since this purchase, I've bought a sammy bag and a snack bag. My relationship with Kael & Kaed began with a contest winning - I bought a key fob and pacifier holders. My friends and I have developed a cult following. We love her stuff and hope nothing but the best for this hard working momma!

PS. Pay the extra $0.50 for the loop. You won't be sorry. :)

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. I purchased these items at my own FULL cost.


Like what you see? You could win a Sophie Leash or your very own OR 20% off your next purchase at Kael & Kaed.
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Help Emily Fight Cancer!

It's a scary thought when really anyone could wake up one morning and find out their kid has cancer. It's a fear no one should ever experience, however a fellow blogger - someone I've been following since Kate was a bean - is struggling through this right now. Coupon Mommy of 3 is fighting her daughter's cancer. To help, Diaper Style is hosting the 2011 Blogger Auction for Coupon Mommy of 3 funds. Anyone who would like to rent space (see side bar) to advertise on my site, will see 100% of the proceeds go to this family. BID NOW!!! There are many other bloggers donating ad space as well. Check it out! Help yourself to great advertising at competitive rates and feel good about helping a family in need.

Read Emily's Story Here.

Friday, January 21

Prefolds! Schmefolds!

I'm not the biggest fan of prefolds... you can read my post about them here, but some people are braver than I am. I'll never forget when I saw Vicky from Ottawa Cloth Diapers, and she was showing me how to properly use a prefold, my reaction was... "I'm not good at origami.". She laughed and said, "It's not for everyone."

Here are some great links to the Prefold Gurus!

More like this video!


Call Me Old Fashioned: Why Prefolds Are Better Than You Think by the Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Prefolds 101: Understanding the Differences by Diaper Pin

How to Use a Prefold Diaper? by the Baby Loft

Thursday, January 20

Make your own Wool Wash!

I LOVE the Ewe Need It Wool Wash - smells great and works (Lovespell is my favourite, it's the same smell that you find on all the Woolly Bottoms covers). However it is a little expensive. Here's a quick recipe to make your own! I use this recipe to clean all my wool diaper covers.
  1. Add a pea size of Lanolin to a cup of HOT water.
  2. Let it melt.
  3. Add a few drops of baby shampoo.
  4. Stir!
and there's your lanolizing soap!

To wash:
  1. Put about a teaspoon of your concoction into a tub of water.
  2. Swish the water to ensure even distribution of lanolin wash.
  3. Turn all your wool items inside out - careful colours may run!
  4. Soak for about an hour.
  5. Remove your wool and roll into a towel to remove moisture.
  6. Reshape and lay flat to dry. Hanging can distort the shape of your wool.
and you're done!

Sunday, January 16

Wetbags, Wipes Bags and Diaper Pail Liners

BB Butts Diapers (WEB) (FACEBOOK)

I won this fantastic bag from BB Butts Diapers. I LOVE this bag. It's meant to be a wipes bag, but I use it as my emergency diapers stash bag in my purse. Also doubles great for a vacation makeup bag for my trips to my parents.

It can hold 3 disposables, my bum paste, and some wipes in a celo pack (a wipes case didn't fit unless I took everything else out.) I washed it and threw it in the dryer - it shrunk a bit. Still works, but the zipper ripples a bit. My mistake. Retails for $9.25 CAD.

Monkey Doodlez (WEB) (FACEBOOK)

I got this beauty from Monkey Doodlez in the colour "celery" - beautiful gender neutral colour. This by far was my favourite to clip onto the change table for a place to stash diapers in between washes. I had nothing but great things about this bag - til today. :( After 2 months of use, the clasp hook broke. I'm a little disappointed, but that's not necessarily Monkey Doodlez fault, I mean this bag was $18 CAD - my Lululemon Gym bag which is 5 times more expensive had the same issue. Same clasp... so I'll just be taking it apart and sewing in a new clip with my handy dandy Singer.

AppleCheeks (WEB) (FACEBOOK) (BLOG)

I bought 2 AppleCheeks bags from Posh Kids (in case you didn't know, I'm big on consignment stores, environmentally friendly and economical!) - I got my hands on size 1 and size 2 bags. The Size 2 bag (pail liner), I LOVE - fits perfectly in my Mother Ease pail, is reasonably priced compared to many other bags at $21 CAD and the colours are ADORABLE! Then I started using the size 1 bag. Not a fan - it's only a drawstring - and if I'm going to be throwing this into my purse I prefer having a zipper. Still - for $12 CAD - can't complain much! - I'll just sew my own zipper.


This was my very first diaper pail liner $23.50 CAD. FAVOURITE! I also purchased the KangaSac Zippered Wet Bag $14.95 CAD - also my favourite. Simple design and it feels like quality. I love that the design allows for 2 bags to snap together like a saddle bag - great for long days out of the house! I carry clean diapers in one bag, and the dirty ones in the other. Genius!

The pail liner matches perfectly with the butter colour of my diaper pail, and doesn't let any stinkies seep through. It's a real punch to the face when I get to the washer... haha.


Amazing fit in our pale... the only one that allows me to snap the cover shut with it's handles - the other are all too bulky to lock the lid in place. No drawstring, but just a small think elastic that allows for a trim fit.

I like this liner - the dad says he finds it difficult to dump the diapers out of it when it comes to laundry day. I love the bright colours. I have no bad things to say about this liner. Retails $18.90

Maple Sugar Designs (FACEBOOK) (ETSY)

I have a small Out and About bag. These are the cutest bags I've seen. Made by a WHAM in Brampton, Ontario. Very stylish, funky designer fabrics - I've received many compliments - however, the waterproofing isn't a laminated fabric - it's an actual separate vinyl. It loses it's shape in the wash, so I do a quick ironing on a low setting to keep it looking new and fresh. Retails: $17.95 CAD for the small which I find rather expensive, but as a WHAM myself - I understand the cost when you don't buy by the bolts!

Friday, January 7

One Resolution Down!

I can't get over the generosity I am experiencing today. My mom called me yesterday to tell me that a woman she knew was pregnant and desperately seeking help to clothe her unborn child. I won't go into any details as to save this poor woman from embarrassment, but needless to say my mom was compelled to do something about it. So I told her I'd go through Kate's belongings, as my family has so generously donated most of her things and figured, she already has too many toys and I did keep some of my nephew's boy clothes. I also posted a note on Facebook letting my friends know I was looking for items to donate. It bothered me, and my mind was racing all night thinking, there must be something else I can do... *bulb!* I'll post a "Want-Ad" on

24 hours later... I got a playpen, a baby carrier, a baby monitor, a mobile, curtains, blankets, bottles, a pump, a diaper bag, new soothers, teddy bears, diapers and some clothes! Granted I don't have all these things in hand yet - but I am excited at the fact, that I am in fact going to be able to make a difference in this woman's life and the life of her little boy. Guess I'm pulling through on one of my resolutions after-all! To just be a better person. :)

If you are in the Ottawa area and would like to help, please leave a comment and I will get back to you. Any items that I end up doubling will surely find a home to another needy family. Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 2

Diaper Liners

I've been using liners since Kate started having messy poops (the minute we switched her to formula). I didn't think I'd need liners, but someone at my baby shower bought some so I decided what the hey... she's on a poop scheduled, so I'll be able to make them last! I've used Kushies, and Bummies so far, and the bf and I are on disagreement as to which liner we prefer. You'll probably be able to tell which one I like, and why he preferred the "leave the diaper virtually mess free" version of this liner. :)

Kushies Flushable Biodegradable Diaper Liner
  • clogged my parent's low-flow toilet
  • scratchy on one side and a little rough on the other
  • thick! nothing seeps through
  • Price: $9.99 CAD for 100 liners

Bummis Bio-soft Flushable Liners
  • never had clogging issues
  • made of rayon, is super soft but can easily tear
  • a little thin, does leave residue on the diaper itself, but catches the clunk
  • Price $6.99 CAD for 100 small liners and $7.99 CAD for 100 large liners
Here's a tip from Bummies shared via Tidy Tushees Diaper Service (WEB) (FACEBOOK). "If you like to keep your bio-soft liners neat and tidy, there is a way to dispense them rather than removing all the packaging. You can make a small opening in the cello at the top of a pack of bioliners and pull out the innermost liner part way. After that, when you want to use one, just pull out until perforation is visible and detach. Next one is ready to go and the roll says in the wrapping." One word. GENIUS.

GroVia BioLiners (WEB) (FACEBOOK)
  • REALLY wide... and I can't figure out why... I need to tri-fold to get it to fit properly in the diaper.
  • soft - but not as soft as the Bummis
  • thick - but not as thick as the Kushies
  • catches ALL of the clunk and leaves almost no residue behind! Makes for super easy diaper cleaning!
  • Price $11.80 CAD for 200 wide liners

Now that I've tried all 3, I'm still torn between GroVia and Bummies. Now that I've tried a few different brands, Kushies is definitely my least favourite. In fact, now that I still have some left, I find it feel more like low grade sandpaper. Sorry Kate for making you sit on that! Mommy loves you!

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own.