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Wednesday, January 26

I found a potty!

Thanks Extraordinary Baby Shoppe - you suggested the right amount of little when it comes to the BecoPotty by BecoThings. It's neat since it's biodegradable! It starts off as bamboo and rice husks leftovers from farming, squished and ground into a powder, add some biodegradable resin, pressing into a hot mould and voilà! A Becopotty!
Add ImageIt's a teeny tiny toilet designed for newborns and EC training. (See past post "So You Think You Can Pee" for explanation). Now to muster up the courage to get Kate to use it... I think I can I think I can...

Next up is finding this book as a helpful tool. Ah man, you mean I have to read too? Thanks LC for the suggestion.


  1. And yes, that was the potty I was going to recommend to you, which my friend Erin recommended to moi! Try Chapters for the book. I'll be ordering one soon...glad I could help!

  2. Went to Chapters Booo... the only one available was at Rideau, so I'll have to order online - unless I cave and buy an Kobo.

  3. good luck with are much braver than I