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Friday, December 31

So you think you can pee?

My New Year's Resolution

Yes, I want to lose weight, and as of January 1st I have an active gym membership and plan on losing 20-40lbs over the next year. Blah blah blah, what a boring way to begin 2011. So I thought I need something more challenging... I have no real control over what my career prospects are at this point and truthfully, I'd rather not stress over it until September when it's back to work for me. After a discussion with my baby-daddy, we've decided to take the big step. No, as I once shouted... "there will be no aisle",... we're talking about EC and diapering.

Call me crazy, but I think Kate's ready for potty training - or maybe more like I think it's time to train me! I've been reading up on this "elimination communication" (or EC for short) theory and thought, "my life isn't tiring enough these days... let's try something else on my plate!" We're going to start out with introduction to potty after her naps and after each feeding. Kate already HATES being wet or dirty, (god bless cloth diapers!) and I can already tell by her face right before she pees. (She also lets out a little fart.) I know someone who's done it, and swears by it. So I'm going to give it a go. First step, finding a potty small enough for her tiny bum. Suggestions? Wish me luck!

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  1. We've little potties at the shop right now ( Obi (7mos) can easily sit on it unassisted now, and it would easily fit a smaller bum. We keep it on our change table as we're doing a relaxed EC by pottying at each diaper change or when we see cues.

  2. I can't wait to hear how this goes, please keep us posted!

  3. A friend who is ecing full time recommended this book to me:
    She has been extremely succesful and has not had to clean a poopy diaper since her baby was eight weeks old!

  4. Will definitely have to look into this...

  5. Step 1 - have potty
    Step 2 - ordered book
    Step 3 - ???

    I haven't been able to catch Kate in time yet for a successful run.