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Monday, December 20

Wool Dryer Balls

My very first batch of Roving Wool Balls. Why did I make a bunch of balls? There is no need for fabric softeners when you use all-natural 100% wool dryer balls! It reduces static and saves on drying time! These are about the size of a tennis ball and cloth diaper safe which is initially why I wanted them in the first place. Winter time takes forever to dry my diapers. I gave up and used the dryer on super delicate cycle. Dryer balls cut the time in half! Woohoo! Kate and I both have soap sensitivities and I find these are a great alternative to fabric softeners when it comes to keeping your towels from feeling "crunchy". I will be making these available for purchase in the new year. Still have to come up with a clever name for them though! Any thoughts? Keep it clean people...


  1. Do you have any cloth diapers with aplix? I've read that it's not good to use these dryer balls with those kinds of diapers... just wondering because if it is ok, I'd like to try them! (more than half my stash is BG AIOs with aplix)

  2. I have Happy Heiny's, Monkey Doodlez and BumGenius.
    I always put my aplix diapers in a separate laundering bag (the ones you use for your delicates) for fear that they might catch on the pul of my other diapers. I've never had issues with them,... but beware you can get fuzzies... :)

  3. I will have these on my etsy store shortly. Unscented, Pink grapefruit or lavender smell. Still figuring out pricing though... I'm trying to find cheaper wool so I can make my prices more competitive. :)