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Thursday, December 9

My renewed faith in humanity.

Problems with my FuzziBunz. :(

Saturday, November 7 - Took by diapers out of the wash and OH OH!!! The PUL separated from the liner. :( Hope they live up to their warranty...

Monday, November 9 - FuzziBunz will take their diapers back, but I need to find receipts. :s... Found 1 receipt, but can't find the one for the blue dots. Breaks my heart to part with these. They are my favourite prints!

November 10 - Good news!!! FuzziBunz stood behind their product. Must ship without inserts to save on cost.

Wednesday, November 11 - They have been shipped for replacement. So far, I am really impressed with their customer service! Thanks FuzziBunz for making this easy!

2 weeks later...
Tuesday, November 29 - I got an email today. FedEx return shipment. Woooo!!!!

Monday, December 6 - Got my new FuzziBunz! Granted I lost my favourite print to an unfortunate manufacturing defect,... BUT My return was hassle free, and they were kind enough to send me 2 packs of wipes along with my new diapers (Choco Truffle and Cotton Candy) WITH new inserts! I must admit that I was a little scared since I've had issues with other CD companies (who shall remain nameless) where they didn't live up to their so-called warranties. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FUZZIBUNZ! GREAT PRODUCT, AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will definitely be sticking with them once Kate moves up to the next size. Keep up the good work FzBz!

Freebie they sent - FuzziBunz® Wonder Wipes – Organic Cotton / Fleece Double sided wipes – 10 Pack
They are made with 100% organically grown cotton on one side and luxurious quick clean up fleece on the other. Use one side to wipe up the mess, and the other to wipe baby nice and clean. Each wipe is 9in. x 9in.

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