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Thursday, December 2

Pro Shots with Natasha Gregoire

Pro Shots with Natasha Gregoire of Gatineau, QC

Count me lucky to have found an amazing photographer in my backyard! I accidentally found Natasha on a Used Ottawa post looking for newborns to use in a photo shoot. I jumped on it, thinking "why not?". Natasha has a dedicated room designed into a fun studio in her basement filled with props. She's kind and gentle and Kate had no issues posing for her. (A problem I have run into 3 times prior with other photographers...) We spent a little over an hour with Natasha coming up with wardrobe changes and prop selections. Here's a teaser of what is to come.

I really enjoyed working with Natasha and highly recommend her to other moms in the area. Her stuff is reasonably priced - and you get lasting memories. :)

Love the hat? My mom made it using a pattern from The Inner Hooker (FACEBOOK, ETSY). I've had a few of these made for friends - they make great shower gifts. I'm not quite agile enough to attempt something like this with my crochet hook... I'm still working on circles and flowers. Thanks Mom!

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