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Thursday, November 18

Mother-Ease Diaper Pail Review

Mother-Ease Diaper Pail
Retails for $49.95 CAD

Company Description
Our odour-free diaper pail is the most eco-friendly and best diaper pail on the market today as it is made from durable, recycled plastic.
Its natural odour control system uses a carbon filter and basic air flow. Odours are eliminated by absorption through the carbon filter and are not artificially masked. This odour control system helps ensure diapers do not mold or create unwanted moisture within the pail. The filter is positioned on the lid, which snaps down and is secured by side handles. The diaper pail is ergonomically designed and is easy to seal, carry and empty. While blending well with nursery environments, our diaper pail is also ideal for diaper services.

Our diaper pail is vanilla in color and has a 7 gallon capacity (holds about 18 diapers). It is designed to be space efficient and compact. The smart looking lid offers ventilation for the diaper pail. The ventilation opening is shaped as a teddy bear and will be a cute fit in any nursery. The filter case snaps into the lid making it easy to replace the natural odour absorbing carbon filters. The lid is secured by 2 durable side handles which snap down over the edge of the lid. The container is 12.5" wide x 14.5" high.

Replacement Carbon Filters
Retail Price: $5.25 CAD

A package of 2 replacement carbon filters which naturally absorb odour. Simply replace the used filter in the teddy bear filter case on the lid of our Diaper Pail.


I tried the regular old garbage pails, diaper pails, some swear by reusing Nellie's Soda's empty suds tubs. I found something that was functional - wasn't HUGE and was easy to use. I was a little disappointed that it only comes in Vanilla - til I realized it matches my room. (Unexpected score!) My one BIG problem with it's design is the HUGE ugly logo slapped on the front. It's pretty hideous, but I flip by pail around and voilà! The only one who knows about that big green stain is the wall.

Kate's room is a very small room. I was afraid that poopy smells would linger in there forever in such a confined space - but the ME diaper pail seems to get the job done! Especially with the smelly disc insert that I sneak in between it's carbon filter and lid. Before buying this product I read a bunch of reviews where a lot of people were saying that it was just as good to get yourself a cheap garbage can and throw a towel with some Tea Tree Oil in there... Tried that. It raped my nose. I caved and bought the over-priced diaper pail. I'm happy I did. I noticed a HUGE difference in wafting smells. The alternate would probably work in a larger room - but like I mentioned, Kate's room in a walk-in closet. I'd rather pay the extra and not let her nose suffer as much as mine. (Sidenote - I rinse poopy diapers and try to take out stink bombs as much as possible. I launder every other day.)


  1. Hello there,
    I received a used Mother ease diaper pail in a diaper lot that I purchased. I have a few questions about it. How frequently do you need to change the little carbon filter? Do you have to change it??

  2. I've never really replaced the carbon filters - I used orange disks to help mask the smell.