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Monday, November 8

New Diaper on the Block

MiniMaestro from an Ottawa Mom!

I spend a lot of time looking on-line for new and better cloth diapering options. I'll be honest - I find it hard to stop. There's so many different kinds of diapers we've tried (FuzziBunz, Little Beetle, GoodMama, MonkeyDoodlez, White Elephant, KiwiPie, Kawaii, Anne-Marie Padorie, AppleCheeks, Jamtots, Dream-Eze, Diapeze, Econobum, Woolly Bottoms and there's still a few others on my list which I'd like to try.

Mainly a NEW diaper introduced here in our own back yard...
Sophie Gratton wanted to make cloth diapers that fixed some of her pet peeves from when she cloth diapered her children. She wanted a trim diaper, that was leak free, made in Canada and of course affordable. MiniMaestro diapers are made in Montreal. The manufacturer is a non-profit organization that fights poverty and violence and ensures it provides fair working environments and wages. The manufacturer’s mission is to help people, mostly immigrant women, single, unemployed or living on welfare." - Namaste Mommy

MiniMaestro offers a variety of purchasing options. Great affordable bundles or a la carte diapering. I'm so happy to see more Canadian alternatives to cloth diapering. I hope to get my hands on a diaper real soon - and you can too!

GIVEAWAY!! A head over to Namaste Mommy to take your part in a chance to win a “Taster Bundle” which contains 3 same size diapers with inserts + 1 doubler, a value of $62.69!

Or buy now! :)

I saw these in person over the weekend. They look like Happy Heiny's, but are a little more bulky. However the Aplix closure seems FAR more baby-proof. Will update when I get my hands on them.

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