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Wednesday, November 17

Grandma would have been proud...

Choosing Kate

This pretty much sums up how we came to choose the name Kate.
It was a lot of my doing - I've always loved the name Kate (yes, stemming way back from my days at home sick with my mom indulging in treats while watching Days of Our Lives - and then they introduced Kate... That name always stuck in my head... then Cate (Winslet) was reintroduced through Titanic... and then Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale - I had finally forgotten about it (or ignored Kate Gosselin)... til I saw Indiana Jones 4 with Cate Blanchett. Shortly thereafter - I found out I was pregnant. :)

I've always been fond of names like Jane, Claire, Marie, Lynne - simple and unpretentious. Kate seems to be the one that's followed me through my life. My grandmother was a huge follower of the Royal family. She would definitely have approved of Kate. RIP.

I'm just really happy that after 3 baby books, I looked at Eli and said... "How to you feel about Kate?" ".. I like it!" SOLD!

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