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Sunday, November 7

Fuzzibunz Review

Fuzzibunz - 4 out of 5
Retails for $19.00-$24.00 CAD

I am going to start out by saying we tried out several versions of the FuzziBunz. Kate is short and skinny for her age, which made the sizing chart useless for us. We had to test out the diapers on her once a week until she finally seemed to fill them out without too many gaps. This review will be done in three parts : Older version of Perfect-Sized FuzziBunz (triangle tabs), Newer Perfect-Sized FuzziBunz, Newer One-Size FuzziBunz. What attraced me to FuzziBunz? A suggestions from a local retailer, but mostly the Mom reviews... Let's get this party going!

I started my stash with FuzziBunz because I read many reviews while I was pregnant, claiming these were one of the best. Invented in 1999, they change every few years become better and better, fixing their quirks. I was a little skeptical at the beginning (but that's because we were fixed on what the sizing charts claimed she should wear...) I put them away and went back to my other small diapers. I came across a woman who was ridding herself of her stash and I ended up buying the older version of the FuzziBunz at a RIDICULOUS price. I now had an extra 10 diapers in my stash which I wasn't quite a fan of to begin with. I soon realized that the rise on the older diapers were quite shorter... which meant Kate finally had a FuzziBunz that didn't double up as a romper!

It fit her baby butt in a nice trim way. No bulk! I was able to drop back down in her pant size... something that I can't do with any of her other diapers... These diapers were previously used by 2 other babies... they are still absorbent 1 out of the 1- had staining which I put out for a day to sunbathe and is back to new. I did notice that the inserts weren't as absorbent as the new ones.. so I opted to buy new inserts (which still made these diapers a steal for me - they were THAT cheap). These are now some of our favourite daytime diapers there's still a bit of room in the thighs, but no blowouts. Thumbs up. I sold off my Large sizes that came along with my steal of a stash and took the money to buy new size smalls which brings me to theewer Perfect-Sized FuzziBunz diaper. Woa woa woaaaa... these don't fit. The rise goes up to her nipples. but fit her legs. I read reviews on this and apparently it was because of complaints that pants were tucking into the diaper at the waist. I never had this issue, so I didn't realize it was a problem. I think they'll fit great once she grows a bit more... I got a shorty on my hands! Pro? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new prints!!!! They introduced beautiful vibrant colours and limited edition prints which is what keeps me coming back for more... I'm a sucker. I realized that there was a cheaper option out there... and that's the one-size version. I was skeptical because of other companies that offered one-size: bulky and loose on the legs, or fit the thighs but left red marks. What's different about the FuzziBunz one-size? The adjustable elastic in the legs.... Brilliant. Bonus? They're replaceable. You not only adjust the waist, but you can also adjust the legs. The fit is snug and we've only had 1 leak... my bf realized that legs needed to be tightened and now these are HIS favourite. I am really please no real complaints, but I'm always open minded to try new diapers - but they do rank up there. I like that there is no flap on the pocket easy dump into the diaper pail. Washing is easy, and drying is fast.

The one con I can think of is that the "stuffing" does intimidate caregivers,... but it's a quick learn. A monkey could do it. I've tried many diapers and FuzziBunz Perfect Size ranks on top of my favourites list. I LOVE that they actually have a warranty of their diaper!

  • Absorbency - good for regular flow
  • Fit - Trim and sleek under clothes. Older version is great for a short torso, newer version apparently is a favourite among other moms.
  • Leaks - no leaks with the new version - used 2 liners for nighttime though
  • Softness - SUPER soft microfleece - even after wash and line dry.
  • Drying time - covers take an hour or so
  • Retail price - competitive!!! Can get them on sale for as little as $14.95 if you're willing to do the hunt.
  • Insert - microfleece, very absorbent
  • Ease of Use - Snaps! No velcro issues in the dryer

  • Absorbency - not ideal for a heavy wetter - I sometimes add an extra liner for nightime use if I'm out of my favourite nighttime diaper but does lead to a BULKY BULKY butt.
  • Fit - Wasn't great for Kate until her legs got a little chunkier - the One-size with an elastic leg band was a WAY better fit o the legs... but too fit for her tummy.
  • Leaks -Suffered 1 leak... realized afterward that the liner was an old skinny and seen it's days liner. Once I changed it to a new liner... no leaks!
  • Softness - no issues here!
  • Drying time - new liners take an overnight dry - old liners (they're thin) take a couple of hours max - but aren't as absorbent.
  • Insert - doesn't come with a booster, need to use a second liner for heavy wetters
  • Ease of use - a little more challenging with a kicker... snaps are strong... one of my diapers has a sticky snap.

Bonus Video! Preserving your Fuzzibunz with Flushable Liners

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. All diapers were purchased at full or sale price.

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  1. Chiquita Baby in Kanata currently has 5 size small FuzziBunz in pink for $10!!!! What a steal!