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Saturday, December 18

UPDATE: Laundry Wars

I had talked briefly about Crunchy Clean in my Laundry Wars Review and claimed I didn't like it because it made my clothes smell like wet dog. Ended up I just didn't like the scent. I used Baby Bee Clean over the weekend (I had a sample bag) and actually really loved it!
Please note however, that there are 2 types of Crunchy Clean (found this out today). There is a Diaper safe version and an everyday version used to clean anything else - however it may cause your diapers to repel. Just an FYI.

Old Review

Crunchy Clean (WEB) (BLOG) (FACEBOOK)
Retails for $18.50 CAD
(80 loads / 160 HE loads)

Crunchy clean is a cloth diaper detergent made from "naturally occurring minerals, detergents, oxygen releasing agents that have proven to clean diapers in a safe way that does not harm your precious baby or your diapers". I don't fully agree with this statement. I tested is on lightly soiled towels. It made my towels stink like wet dog. I tried it on one load of diapers and it made my diapers smell like skunk - I read reviews that Crunchy Clean also made diapers repel - I did not experience this. I'm wondering if it was the scents I chose??? I have a second sample pack that I am willing to try... stay tuned. Available scents: Monkey Fart, Pink Sugar, Baby Bee Clean, Clothespin, Vanilla Lavender, Unscented, Custom fragrances also available. See website for details.

  • No optical brighteners, fillers, dyes, or enzymes
  • Great for military use!
  • Clean rinsing - an extra rinse isn't necessary!
  • No soap to build up in your diapers.
  • HE compatible.
  • Great for all of your family's clothing and diapers.
- Phosphate free
- Chlorine free
- Non-toxic
- Planet friendly
- Dye free
- Free of enzymes, and optical brighteners
- Approved for military use!

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