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Thursday, January 20

Make your own Wool Wash!

I LOVE the Ewe Need It Wool Wash - smells great and works (Lovespell is my favourite, it's the same smell that you find on all the Woolly Bottoms covers). However it is a little expensive. Here's a quick recipe to make your own! I use this recipe to clean all my wool diaper covers.
  1. Add a pea size of Lanolin to a cup of HOT water.
  2. Let it melt.
  3. Add a few drops of baby shampoo.
  4. Stir!
and there's your lanolizing soap!

To wash:
  1. Put about a teaspoon of your concoction into a tub of water.
  2. Swish the water to ensure even distribution of lanolin wash.
  3. Turn all your wool items inside out - careful colours may run!
  4. Soak for about an hour.
  5. Remove your wool and roll into a towel to remove moisture.
  6. Reshape and lay flat to dry. Hanging can distort the shape of your wool.
and you're done!

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