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Monday, January 24

Kael & Kaed Wetbag

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I recently posted a wetbag review (read here) without even thinking that I'd be getting anything better than my Jamtots liner. After dealing with Kael & Kaed - for other fun Canadian-made baby items, I decided to purchase a little something for myself when a jumbo wetbag she had on her etsy site caught my eye. This BEAUTIFUL designer fabric coupled with a great choice in contrasting zipper and snap colours made me cave. Out came the credit card.

I got my bag 1 week later through snail-mail and I was astounded by the excellent craftsmanship! I usually expect a WAHM to have WAHM type work. I support the moms but do expect slight flaws. After all, it's hand-made and we can't always expect perfection! I couldn't believe it. I started showing everyone... It's STRAIGHT!! NO LOOSE THREADS!! I CAN'T FIND THE SEAM???? Excellent craftsmanship - better than other Brand Names out there. I am definitely going to need to put in a custom order for a diaper pail liner. My only issue with this bag is the slight wicking problem with a diaper that's been soaked and left in the bag for too long. (days not hours). I found it useful at a swim bag for our web swimsuits after the pool, but you need to take your clothes out of the bags as soon as you get home... moisture can seep through the bag if it is left in there too long.

Since this purchase, I've bought a sammy bag and a snack bag. My relationship with Kael & Kaed began with a contest winning - I bought a key fob and pacifier holders. My friends and I have developed a cult following. We love her stuff and hope nothing but the best for this hard working momma!

PS. Pay the extra $0.50 for the loop. You won't be sorry. :)

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. I purchased these items at my own FULL cost.


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