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Sunday, January 16

Wetbags, Wipes Bags and Diaper Pail Liners

BB Butts Diapers (WEB) (FACEBOOK)

I won this fantastic bag from BB Butts Diapers. I LOVE this bag. It's meant to be a wipes bag, but I use it as my emergency diapers stash bag in my purse. Also doubles great for a vacation makeup bag for my trips to my parents.

It can hold 3 disposables, my bum paste, and some wipes in a celo pack (a wipes case didn't fit unless I took everything else out.) I washed it and threw it in the dryer - it shrunk a bit. Still works, but the zipper ripples a bit. My mistake. Retails for $9.25 CAD.

Monkey Doodlez (WEB) (FACEBOOK)

I got this beauty from Monkey Doodlez in the colour "celery" - beautiful gender neutral colour. This by far was my favourite to clip onto the change table for a place to stash diapers in between washes. I had nothing but great things about this bag - til today. :( After 2 months of use, the clasp hook broke. I'm a little disappointed, but that's not necessarily Monkey Doodlez fault, I mean this bag was $18 CAD - my Lululemon Gym bag which is 5 times more expensive had the same issue. Same clasp... so I'll just be taking it apart and sewing in a new clip with my handy dandy Singer.

AppleCheeks (WEB) (FACEBOOK) (BLOG)

I bought 2 AppleCheeks bags from Posh Kids (in case you didn't know, I'm big on consignment stores, environmentally friendly and economical!) - I got my hands on size 1 and size 2 bags. The Size 2 bag (pail liner), I LOVE - fits perfectly in my Mother Ease pail, is reasonably priced compared to many other bags at $21 CAD and the colours are ADORABLE! Then I started using the size 1 bag. Not a fan - it's only a drawstring - and if I'm going to be throwing this into my purse I prefer having a zipper. Still - for $12 CAD - can't complain much! - I'll just sew my own zipper.


This was my very first diaper pail liner $23.50 CAD. FAVOURITE! I also purchased the KangaSac Zippered Wet Bag $14.95 CAD - also my favourite. Simple design and it feels like quality. I love that the design allows for 2 bags to snap together like a saddle bag - great for long days out of the house! I carry clean diapers in one bag, and the dirty ones in the other. Genius!

The pail liner matches perfectly with the butter colour of my diaper pail, and doesn't let any stinkies seep through. It's a real punch to the face when I get to the washer... haha.


Amazing fit in our pale... the only one that allows me to snap the cover shut with it's handles - the other are all too bulky to lock the lid in place. No drawstring, but just a small think elastic that allows for a trim fit.

I like this liner - the dad says he finds it difficult to dump the diapers out of it when it comes to laundry day. I love the bright colours. I have no bad things to say about this liner. Retails $18.90

Maple Sugar Designs (FACEBOOK) (ETSY)

I have a small Out and About bag. These are the cutest bags I've seen. Made by a WHAM in Brampton, Ontario. Very stylish, funky designer fabrics - I've received many compliments - however, the waterproofing isn't a laminated fabric - it's an actual separate vinyl. It loses it's shape in the wash, so I do a quick ironing on a low setting to keep it looking new and fresh. Retails: $17.95 CAD for the small which I find rather expensive, but as a WHAM myself - I understand the cost when you don't buy by the bolts!

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