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Sunday, May 23

Oh Oh, I'm getting maternal...

I met with a nice lady by the name of Vicky today at Ottawa Cloth Diapers for a lot of questions that I wasn’t bright enough to answer myself. I did however realize that I DO have a diaper phobia... I refuse to use “pre-folds” because 1. I’m just not that committed and 2. I think it looks trashy. She introduced me to a fun product... Diaper detergent! Website is really cute...

I picked up another FuzziBunz super cute diaper and couldn’t stop rubbing my face in them. (They’re new - not used.) I honestly wish they made these in adult size. I think I’d sleep better. They’re that soft.

I also discovered Monkey Doodlez. Love them. They look like fun disposables, and are easy to use: velcro on, velcro off and throw in the wash. Downside apparently, they take forever to dry but are preferred by sitters and anyone else not willing to take the time to take diapers apart and use snaps - a no-no for wiggly babies. So for all of you out there whom I will be pawning off baby... I did this for you. The patterns are for me. :)

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