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Wednesday, July 28

I’m not crazy... I’m nesting.

We have hit week 34 and I’m pooched. 

  • Sciatic nerve pain? Check.
  • Burning groin? Check.
  • Lower back pain? Check. 

  • Swollen feet? Check. Irritable? 

Ask Eli, he can confirm that one.

I met with our OB/GYN today. Everything looks, sounds and feels great. No general concerns. Basically, we’re on the home stretch now. Last week of work, and then I’m on vacation before my mat leave officially starts. No exciting news - no fun mail - no contest winnings (although I have entered a few, I’m just now following them as insanely as my last one which took over my life for nearly a month).

I think this describes my mental state these days... Enjoy!

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