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Sunday, July 18

I won!

After a month of harassing friends and finally, I finally won the 
3 Little Monkeys Photo Contest with a whopping 164 entries!

What did I win?
I thought it was $200 of cloth diapers and accessories - ended up being a VERY expensive bag, with an AppleCheeks diaper cover, insert, 4 bamboo wipes and a stroller clip.

My bag? A Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote - I can’t believe how expensive this bag is... basically, I’d never own one if I had to buy it for myself - even if it was on clearance. To put this into perspective... I could have bought 5 of them at Walmart for the same price. Tried to see if I could get money for it... ends up I’d be lucky to get $50. Therefore, I will follow the path of Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum and will wear this bag proudly. $5 says that I ruin it within the first month... Thanks to all who voted!

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