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Thursday, December 15

Update: Attempting the Shirt Dress FAIL!

SO way back this summer, I was psyched about upcycling this lovely shirt I found at a consignment store on Bank Street into this super duper cute dress that I wanted to have done for Kate. I don't do this often.. but I'm about to admit failure.

After spending countless hours trying to perfect this thing,... cinching, seam ripping, restitching, adding a belt to the waist... I tried to pry it off the mannequin only to realize that I was bending the arms in awkward positions trying to take the darn thing off. I altered the thing so much, that I forgot about making it loose enough so that I could actually get it on and off my daughter. I've overworked it, and now it's a useless rag. Oh well... better luck next time!

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