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Friday, December 2

Barnyard Bummz Fitted Diaper Review


The Pitch

Canadian Designed and Sewn by an Ottawa mom - The inner of Barnyard Bummz are available in both Organic cotton velour inner and Organic bamboo velour. They are available in a traditional front snapping version and side snapping and all have snap closures.

The Review - 4.5 out of 5

I met Lee when she decided to buy a few of my dribbler bibs through Bibmababy. She informed me that she was venturing into fitted diapers and I was never a big fan of fitted diapers (I was always a pocket girl by day and an AIO by night). She gave me a cute ooga diaper, and my first impression was that it was nice and soft,... (comparable to Kiwipies I had bought in the past). Put it on Kate, and went on my merry way. The REAL test was after I brought it home, prepped it, and then used it as an overnight diaper. This was the FIRST time my daughter had ever slept through the night! I thought it may be a fluke. I washed it again that day and tried it again. Success! Had I found a diaper that was finally absorbent enough to keep my little one asleep through the night?

I expressed my joy with Lee. I asked for a few more diapers in exchange for some design work (yes, I created her Barnyard Bummz logo) and started destashing my Goodmama's, some of my Dreameze (I kept the ones with the PUL) and my beloved Little Beetle (to many other mom's enjoyment). Then a few weeks ago, Lee opened Barnyard Bummz. I reviewed her new fitted NIGHT TIME diaper. *angel choir sings*

I was sent a Lady Bug themed diaper. The print is beyond adorable! I can't get myself to actually cover it up. My only issue with the esthetics is the logo placement which is centered in the front of the diaper. I'm so used to having them sit at the back of the diaper that it did confuse me. (Duh, which side is up?) Esthetics aside, I understand that if it had been tagged in the back, There's the issue of a snap in the way, and the possibility of sewing through the elastic waistband. So there's was actual thinking involved with placing the logo in the front.

I requested a side snapping version of her diaper (done at no extra charge). The diaper is an Organic Bamboo Velour fitted she calls the OBV Bummz. I cannot even describe how soft this diaper feels. It is made from your choice of cotton knit, and backed with a hidden layer of french terry. The inner lining is made from organic bamboo velour (OBV) or organic cotton velour (OCV) upon request. The snap-in soaker is made from five layers of french terry and topped with an ultrasoft Organic bamboo velour or organic cotton velour, depending on your diaper preference. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

I adore the side snapping feature. It turns this fitted into a great trim diaper and when I pair this it with a wool soaker (I love woolly bottoms!) it's bulletproof! Kate goes to bed at 8pm, and doesn't get up until 6am... and the outside of the fitted is usually still dry! Something I've never been able to achieve with my beloved Kiwipie or less favourited Goodmama. We changed those once in the middle of the night.

Bonus? This diaper came with an overnight snake soaker which is also made of OBV. I love this feature because I am capable of using it with my not so great fitteds, since I found the OBV Bummz on its own is enough for Kate.

Barnyard Bummz is working hard on perfecting their diaper. Lee is fantastic at tailoring her design to your needs (or preferences). She has a large stash of cute knits to pick from, so you can customize your diaper anyway you see fit! The diapers are available in 3 sizes: Small (newborn - 12lbs); Medium (10-22lbs) and Large (18-30lbs).

  • Absorbency - MOST absorbent I've tried thus far! hidden layer of bamboo french terry sewn into a cotton knit and Organic Bamboo Velour (or OCV) diaper
  • Leaks - none at all - even with a "blowout" (we've experienced the midnight poos for the last week)
  • Softness - after 8 washes, still soft
  • Snap in soaker - 5 layers of bamboo french terry, a layer of bamboo OBV or OCV
  • Bulk/Trimness - I own a OBV version which is trimmer than my Little Beetle and my old Goodmama and Guerilla Fluff.
  • Ease of Use - easy side snaps or front crossover snaps (after a month of play, I think I prefer the crossover design for nightime use.)
  • Drying time - because of all the layers, it takes a longer than expected to dry - at least a full day if hung.
  • Snap in soaker - would prefer if it wasn't a snap in - it's a personal preference.
  • Bulk/Trimness - My OCV version is not ideal for my daytime use. It's a bulletproof night diaper, (can't reiterate that enough) but I can't get my little one to wear it during the day under her skinny jeans... and Mom loves her skinny jeans. We all know that I'm a pocket by day, and a fitted by night.

I cannot emphasize how much I adore this diaper. I LOVE it so much that I'm actually replacing most of my nighttime fitteds with her version. (Update: My current stash now consists of 8!) It's comparable in price with most other WHAM diapers out there, but...

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NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review other than a free trial diaper. I have purchased all additional diapers post-review using the same discount code above.

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