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Wednesday, November 23

LUXbutt Organic One-Size Diaper Review


The Pitch

100% Canadian designed one-size ORGANIC pocket cloth diapers that are LUXurious, stylish, affordable and best of all EASY TO USE.

LUXbutt one-size organic cloth diapers are an adjustable one-size fits most that will fit your baby from newborn to toddler (approx. 8-40lbs).

Made with LUXurious 100% certified organic cotton velour and waterproof PUL. LUXbutt diapers are super easy to use and oh so LUXurious on your baby’s butt!

Just stuff & snap and you’re good to go!

The Review - 4 out of 5

I was approached by LUXbutt’s co-owner Natasha in the early summer about possibly testing the new line of LUXbutt organic one size cloth diapers. Having dealt with her before for other baby friendly items (Kael & Kaed Handmade Trendy Baby Things), and loving the excellent customer service and quality of work, I decided to give this one a whirl.

I got my LUXbutt in the mail in October and was soooo excited with what I saw. A cross design of some of my favourite pocket diapers. The clean design of a FuzziBunz, with the trimness of a Charlie Banana. Bonus? It’s made from a super soft, 100% certified organic cotton velour inner layer, and a hemp and micro fleece combo insert!

First thing I noticed (aside from the softness) was the tag on the diaper. They took away the typical washing instructions and replaced it with a fun, friendly laundry reminder instead. This gave me an idea for diaper fortunes! (Patent Pending, haha). “You will find many rewards.”

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the introductory colours. I don’t understand why other companies shy away from black…. This is by far my favourite colour of diaper. It goes with EVERYTHING! Their first collection is named the “Chocolate” collection. These diapers come in White Chocolate (white), Milk Chocolate (brown), and Dark Chocolate (black). I’d like to see some plum, turquoise and ruby colours as their next collection.

I’m a big fan of the extra hip snaps. I am noticing them being more and more popular with diapers since this does help with the dreaded wing drop issue. The tabs are triangular much like the old style FuzziBunz. Personally, I prefer the square tabs of the Charlie Banana, but again, that’s just aesthetics and takes nothing away from the functionality.

The BEST part out of the design was the extra wide elastic in the back which is the first time I’ve seen it in any type of diaper. It helps to sit better on baby, and prevents blow outs. Dad admitted he loved the extra wide pocket for stuffing. There are very few diapers out there that need Mom’s smaller hands to correctly stuff the insert into the pocket.

Typically, I’m not a huge fan of diapers with elastic sizing, I hate them on the FuzziBunz, but really liked them on the Charlie Banana. It took a good 10 minutes to get the sizing just right, however, I’m happy they went the Charlie Banana route, and hid the button sizing inside the diaper rather than have the buttons right up against the skin like the FuzziBunz. The elastic is a little too long – I did mention this concern to LUXbutt, and they assured me that this was only an issue with a few tester diapers and was going to be addressed.

All diapers come with one (1) insert. The inserts are made of thirsty hemp organic cotton fleece & microfiber. It makes the diaper incredibly trim. I wish the insert was about an inch longer. That being said though, one of the very few diaper that withstood my heavy wetter’s overnight test. We usually change her diaper in the middle of the night, but she stayed dry until morning.

All is all, it's a great diaper at a reasonable price. Take advantage of their Black Friday Sale! SHOP NOW!

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I purchased the diaper at a discounted price.

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