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Friday, April 8

New Review Coming Soon!

Sorry Blog, I've neglected you this month - being sick just easy peaches and sunshine. Between Norwalk Flu and 2, yes 2! colds... I'm barely surviving. I've been lagging in my sewing too. Just vegging mostly and trying to get through the day. Enough excuses, time to get to the nitty gritty.

I'll be posting toy reviews soon! Yay! I managed to get in on a review circle for toys, but unfortunately cannot discuss them until I've sent in my review... then I get to share the goods with you.

So! In the time being, I will finish my diaper essentials reviews. I'll be reviewing Rumperooz diaper pail (love!) and the rumperooz one-size cover (meh). Stay tuned for baby's nap time for this beauty to go up.

I've also been working on a website for Sweet Face's Online store. Yay Northern Ontario WHAMs! I'm pretty excited to be working on this. It's turning into a really fun project for me.

Isn't this the cutest have ever? Now back to my baby!

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