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Tuesday, March 8

Join Me at Wabi Sabi Ottawa!

Working as Bibmababy (WEB) (FACEBOOK), I've been running uphill trying to catch up with custom wool dryer ball requests. I've decided to partner up with Wabi Sabi Ottawa and offer a Tutorial Class! Are you in the Ottawa, Canada area? Register for Thursday's Mommy Friendly Class on April 14th 2011 at 10am-12 noon or Saturday's Class offered on May 14th from 10 am to 12 noon!

WHAT are Wool Dryer Balls you ask? Well, they're exactly that. 100% Wool in ball form! They are made from spun wool yarn, batting or roving that’s felted, either by hand or through a washing and drying process.

WHERE can I use these fun Wool Balls? There's a gazillion reasons for them - I use them mainly for the Dryer, but they double up as drawer, closet, gym bag, boot and car fresheners. Leave them unscented and they become House-Friendly Toy balls! As much as the dogs love them, word to the wise… keep them away. Dogs LOVE the smell… and them tear apart, leaving wool bits EVERYWHERE!

HOW do Wool Balls help laundering clothes? When placed in the dryer along with your wet laundry, the dryer balls bounce around like Bingo balls and help to lift and separate the clothes, reducing static as well as leaving clothes feeling soft and fluffy. They also reduce dying time by improving the circulation of heat and air and the balls themselves soak up excess moisture in turn cutting into hydro costs. If you have a fragrance sensitivity, these work great over using fabric softeners. If you don't - add essential oils for a natural non-toxic alternative. It's supposed to reduce static - but I have yet to see proof of that. However, I have noticed a must faster result in drying towels and my cloth diapers - almost 20 minutes! Personally I find that amazing.

The balls are about the size of a tennis ball and tightly felted. I recommend you have about 3-4 of these in your dryer to start. We now have about 8 of these in the dryer. 1oz of wool seems to do the trick, but the heavier the ball the better… to a certain extent of course. We want them to bounce around, not launder a brick. :)

WHY are Wool felted balls better than the commercially available plastic ones?

  • They are inexpensive to make since you can use upcycled wool from an old sweater rather than new material.
  • Using an all-natural wool means no harsh chemicals!
  • The banging sound is a lot quieter!
  • Finally, the potential reduction in clothing lifespan is not a problem considering they are a cloth product themselves.

In this course I will be teaching you how to make a regular ball with batting by wet felting and one by machine felting. This will also be used as a core for our fancier balls - a roving ball and a decorated ball by felting on shapes and adding wool webbing.

WHEN can I take this class? For more information on this course or to take any of Wabi Sabi's fun creative courses, visit Wabi Sabi Ottawa (WEB) or Call: (613) 725-KNIT. Wool Dryer Balls Classes are offered Thursday, April 14th from 10 am - 12 noon and Saturday, May 14th 10am - 12 noon.


  1. I would love to take this class but not available at either of those times, do you have instructions available?

  2. Unfortunately I don't yet, I'll make sure to tape myself making one at some point and post it. :)

  3. I just missed the class. Will you be offering it again?

  4. Yes, I'll be doing one in the Fall. :)