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Thursday, March 10

Eat. Sleep. Poop. - Change Table Essentials

Do you have all your essentials in hand's reach for when life gives you all sorts of messes? Here are the things that I think you should have set-up in/or or near your station.

Diapers Whether it's prefolds, All-in-Ones, Pockets, Fitteds or whatever your diaper vice may be, you want to make sure to have plenty of diapers on hand. (I even keep 2-3 disposables within reach in case I run out of cloth.) Take them out of the package and prep them (see "Why Did I Decide to Use Cloth".) If you use liners, it may be wise to pre-line them or keep a roll near your diapers and place one in the diaper if you anticipate any bowel movements. Liners are biodegradable and make clean-up a breeze.

Wipes I keep a wipes warmer on the second shelf filled with cotton, fleece and bamboo wipes filled with warm water and a baby-safe essential oil blend. I also keep a box of pre-moistened wipes next to a box of tissues on the top shelf for the dry poops.

Diaper Pail or Diaper Bag I have a MotherEase Pail lined with a laundering bag. You don't need to get all fancy like I did, a simple laundering bag hanging off the door will suffice. Kate has very stinky pees so I like to keep her dirty diapers in a well ventilated area.

Diaper Rash Creams and Bottom Balms Keep rashes at bay by keeping the bum dry. One wet wipe and one dry wipe is key. Adding a very thing layer of balm is a good way to stay on top of redness.

Cradle cap cream, lotion, nose aspirators and nail clippers You probably examine you baby the most when you're at the changing station. Keep creams handy for that unexpected grooming.

Mom Essentials The change table isn't all about Baby... remember to add some hair elastics to keep your hair out of your face and lip balm to help soothe you - you're such a scatterbrain these days that you'll probably forget about your lips the minute you leave the baby room.

And of course,... A CHANGING PAD AND COVER!
A well-equipped changing station will make your life a lot easier!

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