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Friday, June 3

You're 8. Why are you drinking an energy drink?

I saw something disturbing tonight. As I was waiting in the car with baby while dad ran in for some much needed Pepto, I saw 2 boys walk out of the store giddy like they had stolen a beer from Dad. Boy in blue pulled out a really big can of Rockstar Energy Drink. I was in a bit of a shock, I mean... I'll be honest. I've drank the stuff... when I was nodding off in the car driving for 8 hours! - I've never been able to get passed half of it because of the rapid heart beat I suffer from drinking that stuff. Shocker number 2? Boy in red proceeded to chug the drink - when boy in blue snatched it and drank the rest... in under a minute!!!! Can you say Jolt and CRASH!? Didn't realize heart palpitations were cool. I guess Tang is lame now. Oh well. See you in 5 years when the next best thing to you is a cigarette.


  1. wow. I think with certain amounts of caffeine, you should have to be 18 to buy it. Seriously.

  2. I don't even let my 4 year old drink pop! To be 8 and able to handle that kind of drink is sad.

  3. My parents didn't even allow me to drink coffee til I was out of my teens. Makes me wonder what kind of parent I'll end up being...