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Thursday, October 14

Seven Sling Review

Seven Sling Review (WEB)

I got this sling as a tester (I had purchased their Hooter Hider from the same mothership). This carrier came as a gift set with matching baby leg warmers and an adult acrylic cuff bracelet. I wasn't too keen on the print of the baby leg warmers, but the bracelet was pretty sharp. That being said, the pouch sling... I was disappointed with this. It retails for $48 US (Gift set retails for $72 US) and is nothing but a thin one-sided material. I found it uncomfortable to wear and didn't feel safe using it. It lasted one day as a carrier and I am now using it to tuck baby into her car seat as a wind and rain protector. Save your money and try something else... then come back and tell me about it!


  1. Oh no, I am so worried now. I got one a couple of weeks ago in the mail, I hope it will work well with my little one!

  2. I'm going to use the Didymos, which is really expensive unless you fly to Germany, but comes HIGHLY recommended from my sister-in-law. I seem to have a bias to German products...Haba Toys, Like A Bike, Didymos...sheesh.

  3. I love Habas, but have yet to buy one.

  4. How did the sling work out for you Ashley??