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Sunday, October 24

Dream-Eze Diapers

Testing Dream-Eze Organic All-in-One
Retails for $24.95 CAD (WEB)

I finally got my hands on these. One thing I hate the most, is how bulky a nighttime diaper can be. I'm tried a few - bamboos, hemps, doublers, then adding a cover,.. I got irritated and did disposables for overnight sleeps because I found there was 1 too many soakers. I was doing my usual consignment shopping and found a used Dream-Eze in a grab bin at Belly Laughs in Kanata. For $6.99, I figured why not try it out. I LOVE this as a nighttime diaper. Trimmer t
han most, easy care, and not too long to dry. They only come in 4 colours and as a diaper collector like myself, I'm slightly disappointed. Then again, they are bold and bright happy unisex colours.

After my
amazing $7 purchase, I opted for more of these and less Huggies. I now own 4 of them, and I have 2 more coming in the mail - a steal through Grovia's EBay site. I usually go through 2 a night. I change Kate at 3am and then again at 6am. I've never had leaks - and she's had explosives poops to boot. I also like the idea of not needing a cover with them. Less bulkiness. As a day-time diaper, I still have to move up a size in her pants, since these diapers are thicker due to the doubler inside. Great for long trips though... just stick a onesie, some baby leg warmers, add a blanket after you strap baby in - and you're set!

  • Absorbency - One of the most absorbent nighttime diapers I've used
  • Fit - snug fit and very trim
  • Leaks - none at all
  • Softness - the inserts were really soft, but after 8 or so washes, it's starting to lose it's softness. I boiled it and it helped a little, but it's a little stiff after washes
  • Drying time - 6 hours
  • Insert - 2 inserts are attached at the back of the diaper, gives it a faster drying time
  • Ease of Use - a little confusing the first time you use it... think origami
  • Style - Vibrant neutral colours.
  • Fit - I can see my little one growing out of this diaper fairly quickly, I wish it had tab extenders like Applecheeks offers
  • Retail price - a little steep for my taste - luckily I got my hands on these for $6.99 and $12.99, you just need to be willing to do the research
  • Insert - a little longer than the rise

Company Description
The Dream-Eze Organic All In One (AIO) Reusable Diaper by The Natural Baby Company is an easy to use fitted diaper that makes using cloth diapers a cinch for everyone.

With a simple one piece design, Dream-Eze Organic AIOs feature an absorbent, certified organic cotton inner with an attached soaker for customizable absorb-ability without stuffing pockets. Durable snaps and a soft, waterproof outer cover of TPU in fresh modern colors make the Dream-Eze Organic Cloth Diaper one of our family favorites!

Sizing Information:
Small: 13-16", 9-17", 5.5-12", 8-16+ lbs
Medium: 15-18", 12-20", 6-14", 15-25+ lbs
Large: 16-20", 12-21", 8-16", 24+ lbs

Made By: The Natural Baby Company
Made Of: 100% Certified Organic Cotton (inner, soaker), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) (waterproof outer)
Made In: China

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I have purchased all additional diapers post-review as seconds or at sale prices.

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