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Thursday, October 14

Monkey Doodlez Review

Review (WEB)

As cute as these diapers are.. I do have 1 issue... not one of my diapers are actually the same at the other... This diaper retails at $22.00 CAD and I've bought several online and in-store.

I have about 8 of these in small, in solids, really fun prints (see Betsy on the right) and minkies - not 1 of them fits the same at the other. (I also have mediums and medium-longs to test out later). That being said, I haven't had any issues to far. Other than the hook and loop tabs seems to come undone and do cause pilling in the wash. I don't see any difference between the Bamboo Doodlez and the Micro Doodlez. Save your money and opt for the cheaper Micro instead. I also tried the Pocket version of these diapers. Stuffing is a little more difficult that other company and although with other Pockets you can mix and match your favourite cover with your favourite insert... this is impossible with the Monkey Doodlez. The AIO is a great way to ease someone into cloth diapering, sitters seem to prefer this - however, it's not the best one out there. Drying does take time. I've started putting them in the dryer until mostly dry and then I hang to dry.

* Please note that I have not tried their Tuck and Go™ system.

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