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Tuesday, October 5

Outgrow Outplay.. it's not all positive...

It took a while, but I finally have a few minutes to share my reviews!

Back in the Spring, I attended the Outgrow Outplay consignment show out in Orleans. I had a GREAT time, found some AMAZING deals and recommended the event to everyone!
I got more info and decided to try myself out as a consignor. Unfortunately, it tarnished my thoughts behind this event. It took me WAY too many hours to prepare myself - I literally spent about 1 week, a few hour every night tagging and displaying my items. I had a ridiculous amount of items to consign and figured that after tagging over $1000 worth of items, I'd see at least $100-200 worth in revenue... wrong. Normally you only get 60-65% of the consigned return... I decided to volunteer a double shift to get 75% and knock my member fee from $15 down to $10.

Long story short - it was a LONG day dealing with VERY RUDE people who probably didn't realize that this was not a garage sale where you can wheel and deal with any volunteer on the floor. I also caught a few shoppers opening up packages and trying to mix and match items. That equals stealing!!! One consignor will have lost money because someone else figured that hat looked cuter with someone else's mitts. On top of that,... I welcome the idea of allowing your kids to attend,... BUT letting the kids run rampant destroying toys from consignors who were unable to volunteer and therefore can't guard their merchandise was very disrespectful.

Could be that I attempted to do with after 1 weeks of giving birth to Kate, (my annoyance might stem from postpartum exhaustion) but for the measley $90 I made and the items that mysteriously disappeared, I actually decided to bail from the shows and I'm now attempted to take the cut and drop my stuff off to local shops. I'd rather only get 40% not have to pay a fee and keep my sanity.


Canadian Education Scholarships

On a bright note, I did meet a very nice man who's helping me out with RESPs so my dear Kate will actually be able to afford going to school when it comes a kazillion dollars.


My renewed faith in humans.

As some of you know, my labour day was quite eventful for me... no baby, however, I did have someone back up into my car. I went into labour the very next day and couldn't be bothered by dealing with the insurance after my car already looks like a derby car from a prior hit, and from parking at the Park-N-Ride. Surprise!!! The lady who hit me called the insurance company, and let them know she was completely at fault and took care of everything for me! Car is now fixed and it barely cost me a headache.



Fun Website!!!

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