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Wednesday, October 6

Little Beetle Diaper Review

The Little Beetle Diaper (WEB)

A few weeks ago, I won a Little Beetle Diaper from BetterForBabies. This diaper retails for $24.95 US and is made of organic cotton and is a fitted diapers that comes with a semi-attached and foldable beetle booster. This diaper is ideal for heavy wetters or as a nighttime diaper. It has a doubler that slides under a sewn in booster. Made in USA.

This is a SOFT diaper. A cover is a must. I tried it without a cover to see how long it would last before she peed through it... after her feed,... it was about 30 minutes. and it went through. However, I used a JamTot cover (Retails for $21.95 CAD with this diaper last night and I must day that I'm pretty impressed. the ENTIRE diaper soaks up pee. Kate slept for about 5 hours with this puppy and no leaks, no mess, just a very soggy diaper.

One downside.. at a whopping 9lbs 3 oz, Kate looked like she was wearing a sleeping bag. That being said,.. this is strictly being used as a nighttime diaper for us. It's just took bulky to wear under pants - I tried and I couldn't button up her sleeper with this.

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