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Thursday, October 14

Happy Heinys Review

Happy Heinys Review (BLOG) (WEB)

Kate is short. Unfortunately, I can't use the Happy Heinys One Size. Instead we've opted to try the Happy Heinys Pocket Diaper in Small with Hook and Loop closure. This diaper is adorable! I don't bother covering it up. I feel that with such a cute design, it would be a shame to hide it. This is my favourite diaper to pair with Baby Legs or to wear under a dress. No leaks, I even had a BIG mess in there, and my diaper suffered a bit of staining, but nothing an overnight soak in Rockin' Green and a bit of sunning couldn't handle.

Bulkiness is minimal. I was still able to put on pants without having to jump up to the next size. I tried this diaper with the microfleece insert, but opted to buy the hemp insert with oval doubler. Pay the extra few dollars for the hemp. You won't be sorry. Pocket diaper with 1 insert retails for $22.95 CAD

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