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Monday, August 16

Sew I wait...

This was my first attempt at making a Taggies style blanket with minky back for my little buddy Kyson. I will be making more this week - hoping I can find some cheap pink minky to make girly versions too!

I also made burp cloths by upcycling some old stained receiving blanklets and left over material pieces form passed bibs. I've come to notice that since for some strange reason, Sears seems to be the only ones that carry them - and if they do, they're short or narrow. I made these ones a little larger, 3-ply with a wipe pocket on the front. Hope it works! They match the bibs I’m currently finishing up.

Next up is a pillowcase dress. I spent a good hour at Winners today scouting through all kinds of pillowcases to find fun and funky patterns... I decided that I should start with a standard white pillowcase first, and work my way up from there. I didn’t inherit my Grandmother’s knitting gene, nor my mom’s crocheting gene... but I’m happy I can at least have enough passion to sew. Wish me luck!

Pattern used here - Isn't this the cutest kid ever?

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