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Wednesday, August 4

Rockin' Green wins over Tide. - I got a bunch of samples from Rockin’ Green and I must admit - I’m in love with soap. All my clothes smells... CLEAN. Not perfumed, but actually CLEAN!

I decided to switch all my towels and linens to wash in the same detergent. My towels have never been so soft.

I’ve also tried out Nellie’s. Works great, but to get real grime out of wash cloths and dish towels,.. I suggest you try out Rockin’ Green for yourself... ends up being cheaper than any liquid detergent and it’s HE front loader friendly.

Next up - Soap Nuts. I got these beauties in the mail as a free sample as well... but have yet to try them. Interesting concept though...

The story goes like this...

In India, Nepal, and other South Asian countries, a tree called sapindus mukorrosi grows small fruits surrounded by a firm outer shell. This tree is unique because it produces its own natural saponins, a soap-like product, that coats the shell of the fruit. When the fruits ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest it, then remove the fruit from the seed. The soap nut shell is then dried out in the sun, using absolutely no chemical processing or manufacturing processes. The soap nut shell absorbs water and releases saponins which circulate as a natural surfactant in the wash water, reducing the surface tension of the water and freeing dirt, grime and oils from the clothing. They act just as commercial laundry detergents, but without the chemicals. When the clothes are rinsed, the soapnut saponins are washed downstream where they remain harmless to the environment. No synthetic chemicals, no fragrance chemicals, no foaming agents or other toxins. Just shells grown by nature. Soap nuts are an excellent choice for people who desire to use environmentally friendly products. They are a pure product, and contain no added chemicals, fragrances, dyes or fillers. They are also wonderful for people with skin allergies, eczema, or sensitivities to commercial detergents.

All these products are available at local health food stores, or baby shops - but I tend to buy them in bulk online... it seems a lot cheaper that way!

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