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Thursday, August 12

Bassinet, Sling - but no baby.

Baby Monitor? Check.
Have I mentioned that I spend way too much time on
Here’s are my latest finds!

I also got my hands on an Eddie Bauer bassinet for get this.. $80! Barely used,.. 1 scratch. Pam happy. Now Kate won’t have to deal with the lack of Air Conditioning in this house. Eli claims I’m only happy because it coordinates with the rest of the baby furniture... sad that he knows me that well. What can I say? I like my stuff to match!

I also found a new Pippalily sling for $30! (They retail for much more than that!) (NOTE ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! I've been watching reruns of Seinfeld.) As long as my shoulder is ok with supporting Kate’s weight, I’ll be lugging her around in style.

Apparently, I’m stepping into a whole new world of addiction - but unlike the diaper one I’m pretty sure that this one, I can’t afford.

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