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Monday, August 9

Baby Shower with the Girls!

Thank you girls for making it out and thanks guys for making life a little easier for us by.. painting rooms for us!
I was overwhelmed with gifts. :) Glad to have all of your support. I spent most of the night doing laundry - trying to keep myself organized. By the way,... the closet is looking like an obsessive compulsive organizational haven. Awesome.

The Food was tasty, and the Trifle was ground beef free!!!
Good job Allison!

I couldn’t post all the gifts on here - so I simply put up the ones I could easily find a picture for... We’re on the home stretch! (No pun intended.)

For anyone wanting even more description on the Joys of being pregnant.. please, do not hesitate to ask... it’ll be brutal and it’ll be honest. ;)

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