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Friday, August 13


Creepy or Beautiful? It's your own opinion I guess.
This was my mom’s first doll. I adore her. She's been with me since I was a little girl. A little dingy,... some broken fingers, but give her a break. She's over 50 years old!

I cleaned her up and dressed in a cute baby gap outfit rather than the ugly old stained gym suit she came in...

Eli HATES her. He says she’s creepy and it’s enough to give any kid nightmares... funny, cause I grew up with her in my room and always felt like she kept the monsters away. Breaks my heart that everytime someone sees her they have the same OMG! reaction. :(

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  1. think she is really cute. I also had one just like her when I was a wee little one. Not sure where she is now.