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Tuesday, February 8

Happy 5 months Kate!

As a new mom, you find any reason to celebrate... every milestone seems so important. Even though Kate is driving me bonkers these days, and I'm wearing thin on no-sleep. It's the little giggles and chatter than keep me going.

I stumbled on this recipe and I can't wait til I can make these for Kate big 1st birthday bash. Then again, I wish she'd stay little forever. You see Kate has figured out that, she can't crawl yet, and back frog jumping often bumps her head first into wall. Her mobility of choice is now rolling to get somewhere which means, I can't just leave her on the floor with a couple of toys and run off to do laundry anymore. She requires a lot of attention and is too stubborn to take a mid-afternoon nap. This equates to no downtime for mom. You would think in this case that she sleeps through the night, wrong! She still gets up for 2 feeds and a diaper change. However, we have hit a major milestone. Kate gave up signing for 'milk' and is now actually requesting "lait lait". Of course,... she doesn't do it when you ask her to,... she resorts to yelling this when I'm not fast enough with her milk. We've also heard "mamamama" when she can't see me and is upset. I thought it was a fluke and that she was just playing with her m's, but she seems to have associated me to "mamamama", thanks do Dad who's been really pressing this on her since birth. He's determined to raise a genius. I would rather she veg out once in a while. ;)

If you haven't visited Skip to My Lou's blog yet, you should. There's a lot of entertaining posts and great recipe and gift ideas.